Kiddie Sex-Change PROFITEERS:’There will be a reckoning’: Hospital sex scandal reaching ‘point of crisis’

'The gender-affirming care business has always had an aura of madness around it'

Any competent, non-biased, straight-shooting investigator will adhere to particular guideposts/principles, come what may. Afterwards, additional/attendant ‘creative‘ measures are utilized, yes, for the most part, under-the-radar tactics. Enough said.

Indeed, the oft-mentioned forensic principle and tool, “follow the money” is, almost always, the initial order of business. As excerpted within the About section of Adina Kutnicki: A Zionist & Conservative Blog:

…..Much of this highly dangerous, joint investigation came about via my foundation in forensics and investigative journalism, yes, under the long-standing forensics principle of “follow the money.” Moreover, the RICO Statute came into play; having secured evidence that inter-related parties engaged in financial crimes of the highest magnitude….

Resultant, prior to exposing the most malicious, malignant, and black-hearted criminals at hand, a few lead-ups must set the stage – that which underpin the abhorrent, illegal crimes against the kiddies!

plus countless other vomit-inducing evidentiary proofs of the same!

Moreover, in this writer’s capacity as an investigative journalist, more than a few cases involved very high-level Medical Fraud!

One such high-stakes, mega bucks financial fraud (Medicaid) case involved several heretofore well-respected surgical hot-shots. Stipulated, they are now mopping floors/scrubbing toilets in a “Don’t Mess With Texas” maximum security-level prison system, that is, due to their ability to grease many palms! {Note: This case is unrelated to Texas Children’s Hospital; the profiteers/fraudsters showcased today. Per the above, our team found no evidence that the hospital was involved, nor aware of the schemes – the criminally-inclined docs were that careful, until they got caught}!

On the other side of the fraud-ridden equation, an ENTIRE unit within a heretofore highly regarded East Coast Hospital System was brought to its knees, yes, begging for mercy! Their laundry list of criminal activity involved, but not exclusively so: Illegal “denial of service” to Whites, that is, in preference towards minorities of all stripes, as well as illegals, alike!

Mind you, financial ‘incentives‘ enriched both individual staff members and the hospital’s bottom-line coffers! Alas, due to the pressure points brought to bear by a rockin’ team of dogged criminal investigators – with colonoscopy-like, forensic assists at this end through “follow the money” skills/trails – these scoundrels lost their license(s) to practice medicine; were ordered to pay financial restitution/punitive damages to all those affected, and, the hospital is now on a “watch-list” – which includes, among other measures, a severe “credit down-grade“, alongside a “denial of service” (ironically, turnabout is fair play….comeuppance-like) for many procedures!! To wit, full closure is the next step. Remedy.

In this regard, have zero doubt: Medical fraud, be it Medicaid involved or otherwise, is considered a severe crime, when caught. Not only that, when it involves the mutilation of kiddies, well, a host of “long knives” come out….nowhere to run, nowhere to hide!!

WND | June 19, 2024

(Photo by Anne Peres on Unsplash)

A state investigation now has been launched into allegations, from a whistleblower, that Texas Children’s Hospital has committed Medicaid fraud in its “sex-change” program for children, according to investigative reporter Christopher Rufo.

He posted a report online pointing out his earlier investigative documentation in which that whistleblower made allegations against doctors in the transgender program there.

“Now, the State of Texas has taken action,” he reported. “I have confirmed with a spokesman for Attorney General Ken Paxton that the alleged Medicaid fraud is ‘currently being investigated by the Texas Attorney General.'”

Rufo pointed out there are two avenues for an investigation, civil and criminal.

“If the state pursues a civil case against Texas Children’s, the hospital could lose a significant amount of funding and, in the maximal outcome, even lose access to the state Medicaid program. If the state decides to pursue criminal charges, the doctors involved could face significant fines and up to 10 years in prison,” he noted.

He explained that the “scandal” of what promoters call transgender “health care” “is finally reaching the point of crisis.”

“There will be a reckoning—and Texas might lead the way.”

Revolver News noted that Rufo’s original report found that Vanessa Sivadge, a registered nurse at the hospital, charged that doctors there are charging Medicaid for transgender procedures, even though that is not allowed.

This is Dr. David Paul. According to Sivadge, Paul has managed a large number of pediatric sex-change patients. For example, he prescribed sex-change hormones and discussed breast implants with a male who identified as “female.” The patient was enrolled in the state Medicaid program.



But there was more. She knew that Texas prohibits state Medicaid funds from being used on “gender-affirming care.” And yet, she noticed that many patients in the child sex-change program were enrolled in state Medicaid—which, she believed, was a violation of the law.
Continue to read the rest of the horror show here, that is, if you dare!!

Christopher F. Rufo ⚔️
This is a massive scandal. A nurse at Texas Children’s Hospital believes that doctors are committing Medicaid fraud in order to pay for child sex-change procedures. Read the full investigation in City Journal:

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