‘Red sweater guy’ Ken Bone says son suspended from school for rifle range photo

On Thursday, Fox News and others reported that Ken Bone, the man known as the “red sweater guy” who made news during a 2016 presidential election debate, said his son was suspended from school over a photo showing the young man shooting a rifle at a gun range.

According to the Riverfront Times:

On Monday, Bone tweeted out a photo of himself and his son at a gun range. Here’s the context: The elder Bone was weighing in on a thread between a D.C. lawyer and Parkland shooting survivor Kyle Kashuv, who, unlike many other students who lived through that massacre, is avowedly pro-gun and is actively opposing calls for more gun control.

On Monday, Kashuv claimed that he’d been questioned by police after he posted videos of himself shooting an AR-15 at a gun range during a visit there with his father.

Bone seemed to take umbrage at Kashuv’s police treatment, and so on Tuesday he posted his own photo of his son at a gun range. As caption, Bone wrote, “Here’s a pic of my son learning to shoot safely under my supervision. Maybe those security guys want to talk to him.”

On Thursday, Bone tweeted: “Remember this photo from a few days ago? Well, a school administrator saw it and now my son is suspended from school pending a police investigation.”

He further said his son didn’t know about the suspension until after school.

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“He didn’t know he was suspended until I got a call from the principal after school. He was not asked about it at all,” he added.

Bone, Fox said, didn’t reveal the details of the call and didn’t mention the name of the school, but according to the Riverfront Times, Bone said the principal specifically cited the gun range photo he posted to Twitter.

He also stated that the photo was on his personal Twitter account, noting that his son is not on the social media platform.

One person responded:

Twitchy noted: “We don’t have any proof, but we’re inclined to believe it based on what we’ve seen recently.”

Bone’s tweet caused quite a stir on social media:

“If” being the operative word.  We don’t have all the details, so it’s difficult to make a judgment call in this case.

As we and others reported, pro-Second Amendment student Kyle Kashuv was grilled by authorities for engaging in the same legal behavior.  Kashuv was later called the “next Hitler” by a teacher for exercising his legal rights under the Constitution.


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