Kathy ‘I’d Never Hurt a Child’ Griffin Referred to Trig Palin as ‘Retarded Baby’

Kathy Griffin au naturale. (Twitter)

The more Kathy Griffin attempts to illicit sympathy from the American people, the worse she makes things for herself.

As previously cited here on Conservative Firing Line, a tearful Griffin appeared at a press conference with her lawyer, Lisa Bloom, to tell the world that she would “never want to hurt anyone, especially a child.”

But both Griffin and Bloom have been conspicuously silent, as cited above, when it was brought to light that she threatened to “go direct for Barron.”

In the above cited article, it was also noted that noted D-lister made no secret in 2011 that her next target would be then 16-year-old Willow Palin, daughter of former-Alaska governor and VP candidate Sarah Palin.

Blast from the past…

Since yesterday, even more reminders are surfacing of the alleged comedienne’s rather disgusting attack against Trig Palin, Sarah and Todd Palin’s youngest child, who just so happens to have been born with Down Syndrome.

Griffin saw fit in 2009 to post to social media her defense for referring to Trig as a “retarded baby” (see tweet below).

Unfortunately for Griffin, her placing the blame on Sarah Palin is tenuous, at best. As it turns out, the only “proof” offered up is a quote from Bristol Palin’s ex-boyfriend and baby-daddy Levi Johnston.

When interviewed by CBS News in late 2009, Johnston accused Palin of referring to her own son as her “retarded baby,” but when pressed for proof, Johnston sheepishly admitted he had none.

Interestingly enough, it wasn’t long thereafter that the paths of Griffin and Johnston soon crossed.

As published by the Los Angeles Times in April of 2010, not only were the two linked romantically, but were also stalking the Palin home in Alaska. As reported;

“My lover Levi Johnston is doing so well,” Griffin said when asked for the status of their relationship. “We did an episode of ‘My Life on the D-List’ in Wasilla [where Palin resides.] We went to Wasilla, Alaska — or as Levi calls it ‘The Silla’ — and we went to Sarah Palin’s house and knocked on her door…”

What happened after that? You’ll have to tune in.

“Don’t act like that is not gonna be some good [TV],” Griffin said.

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