Kaepernick’s Jersey makes a great door mat

Krossroads Rock and Country Bar  at the Pleasant Valley  Shopping Mall in Virginia Beach is in the midst of controversy after taping Colin Kaepernick’s Jersey to the ground in front of their doorstep. [Essentially creating a nice doormat.]  And they aren’t the only business to do so – a Cigar Lounge in Houston did the same thing. There are a few places still left in America that have not succumbed to  the disrespect of the National anthem and flag.

Colin Kaepernick created a monster by “protesting police brutality” and “black oppression”  and now the NFL is following along like sheep with other major sports punishing players for their own free speech that contradicts Kaepernick’s view. This restaurant is well within their rights to speak their mind with a door mat.

kaepernick's jersey
Facebook photo by James Perry

The (former) patron, James Perry, who discovered this and posted it on Facebook  felt this was a “racist” act. He wrote,

“This is.what is taped to.the front entrance of kroosroads bars in va.beach,va located in pleasant valley shopping center on lynhaven parkway!!!now, would.we be wrong to.take a police officer uniform.to an.entrance of an.establishment? This young man is exercising his constitutional right and is being vilianize for.it!!! Didnt hit his wife,didnt rape nobody,didnt get caught abusing.drugs,or.get charged and cleared for.murdering two people!!!oh, and did not.shoot.any unarmed citizens!!!but yet his jersey is.used.as a foot mat!!! Racism.is real people and.yes this is a racist act…an overall disgusting one!!! Boycott this racist ass bar!”

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Well, first of all it’s ok for Kaepernick to “exercise his free speech” but not ok for this restaurant to do so? I call foul on that play.

The bar said it wasn’t racist, and was a response to his disrespect and poor sportsmanship, not his race.

The Man Cave Cigar Lounge in Houston did the same thing earlier in September.

Facebook photo by Chad Melanson

Just so you know, Kaepernick’s jersey is the 5th hottest selling jersey in the NFL. We wonder- are they buying it to stand with his protest, or are they buying it for  the latest doormat?

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