Just Rewards? An Online Predator Gets Beaten by Angry Father

online predator
Screenshot of Facebook photo via El Pais

Argentina – Walter Rodriguez loves his 11 year old daughter. So much so that when an online predator named German Acosta began sending her inappropriate pictures and messages that demanded sex, he took matters into his own hands. He posed as her and beat him at a prearranged meeting.

German Acosta is reportedly 29 years old. He contacted Rodriguez’ daughter on the What’sApp messaging app. The app is encrypted, which means that law enforcement would have a difficult time obtaining information from it, so Rodriquez simply took screenshots of his contact with her. His daughter told him that Acosta attempted to have her lie to her parents and send him pictures of her in her underwear.

She told the man that she was a virgin, to which he responded “That’s great!”

El Pais news media from Argentina reported,

“First he wanted to have the date at his house and I told him yes, of course, because I was going to kill him. He would open the door and I would kill him,” Rodríguez told TV channel TB. But Acosta changed the meeting place to a street in the Villa Crespo neighborhood in Buenos Aires. When Rodríguez saw Acosta, he punched him in the face and beat up him up before calling the police. He took a photo of the accused with a bloody face and shared the images on social networks. “This son of a bitch is a pervert. He sent photos to my 11-year-old daughter,” he wrote on Facebook. He also shared screenshots of the WhatsApp conversation.

The posts have since been removed from Facebook.

Both Acosta and Rodriguez were arrested by police. Rodriguez for the assault, and Acosta for the grooming of a minor child for sex. According to El Pais, under Argentine law, a person caught grooming a child faces between 6 months and 4 years in prison. Except in this case…

The problem with all of this is that Argentine authorities did not detain either man. Even after Rodriguez showed them the screenshots from Acosta and told them exactly what happened.

“I made my statement before Justice. I told them everything, how it happened, I showed them the screenshots, what he had been sending to my little girl. I don’t understand why they let him go. A person like this doesn’t deserve to be free.” Walter Rodriguez

Not detained. There is no information to say that he was even charged. Did they think that he got his “just rewards” from being beaten? Sexual predators are statistically known to continue their behavior in spite of punishment even by courts. It’s something that has enraged not only Mr. Rodriguez, but groups such as Grooming Argentina that work to stop sexual harrassment of minors by telephone and computer.

“By letting him free there is the potential risk to society because he could continue harassing these children.” Herman Navarro, from “Grooming Argentina”  

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Let this be a lesson to parents as well as young children: on the telephone or internet, you don’t know who is on the other end of a conversation. Had Mr Rodriguez not paid attention, his 11 year old daughter could have fallen not only into an online predator’s lair, but into sex trafficking. She could even have been killed.

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