July 1 Deadline for Cali Gun Owners – Creating Criminals

It is July 3, 2018, two days after a couple of gun laws went into effect in California. They have been busily creating criminals out of Cali gun owners instead of stopping the real criminals.

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Unique Serial Numbers

California law states that every weapon must have a unique serial number. So as of July 1, if a person is making their weapon out of parts rather than purchasing a new gun, they must apply to the California Justice Department for a “serial number or other mark.”

If they presently own a gun that has no serial number, they have until January 1, 2019 to get one.

If they do not, they become an instant criminal.

Mandatory Gun Registration

June 30, 2018 was the last day to register “assault weapons” with the California Department of Justice. Under the law, any weapon that contains a “bullet button, pistol grip, flash suppressor or folding stock” must be registered or it will be declared illegal.

The California definitions of “assault” weapons are under revision, so the latest updates are not available, but you can look at the previous ones at this link.

The State says they are currently “experiencing a high number of people attempting to register their firearms” in CFARS – the California Firearm Application Reporting System.

They have stated they will not accept any firearm registrations after July 1, but with the latest computer issues it is unclear whether that still holds true. Gun registration is simply a tool for the government. It does nothing to stop a criminal.

Again…creating criminals.

The real criminals, the ones who do not obey gun laws, remain unthwarted by any of these regulations. California has had several high profile shootings in recent weeks, but in spite of tough gun laws, the criminals still managed to use a gun to shoot people.

What would happen if law abiding gun owners, like the ones who have swamped the California DOJ with registration requests, simply refused to register their weapons? Would California have the manpower to go door to door to seize all the guns? And what about the peope who own non-serial numbered guns, will they all comply with grabbing a serial number? It’s doubtful on both counts.

Gun registration does nothing to stop criminals from using a gun. Gang members could care less about gun laws. Serial numbers on a weapon do nothing either. The constant attempts to “help” law enforcement identify a weapon used in the commission of a crime are generally not helpful at all. The ATF right now has a gun trace database for those who have purchased guns. California always wants to go a step further.

There are other gun laws that went into effect in California in 2018, so you might want to check them out if you live there.

Mentally ill people, gang members, criminals with records, none of these should have access to guns, but if they get one and go on a shooting spree, how do you stop it? You stop it by being armed in return.

H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children


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Faye Higbee

Faye Higbee is the columnist manager for Uncle Sam's Misguided Children. She has been writing at Conservative Firing Line since 2013 as well. She is also a published author.

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