Judicial Watch Blows the IRS Scandal Wide Open…It’s Just Gotten Real

Lerner (1)Judicial Watch has been able to recover records that prove that the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the FBI were involved with the IRS in targeting of conservative groups.  Lois Lerner, working with the DOJ and the FBI were trying to find a way to criminally charge conservative non profit operators with felonies.  You need to know that such violations are merely civil, meaning a fine but the unholy trio planned to jail people.

The documents were emails dated Oct 8th, 2010.  They reveal that Lois Lerner colluded with officials with the DOJ and the FBI, in an effort to prosecute these conservative groups ahead of the 2010 election.  A true October Surprise.  No wonder the DOJ refused to investigate the IRS.

As you know, if the IRS reveals a single page of taxpayer information to anyone, including the FBI, it constitutes a major felony.  The IRS transferred 21 discs containing 1.25 million pages of confidential taxpayer info to the FBI.  We’re talking major prison time here and the emails seem to point to Lois Lerner personally handling the transfer.  I’d take the fifth too.  I think I’d drink it, too.

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