Judge Rules Investigation Into Hillary’s Lawyers MUST Continue

A judge ruled that an investigation into Hillary’s lawyers who allegedly helped her destroy tens of thousands of emails must continue, Breitbart reported Monday.  They are being investigated by the bar for unethical and illegal destruction of evidence.  One of those lawyers is Cheryl Mills.  I’m lovin’ it.

Maryland Attorney Grievance Commission, a very liberal group, tried to have the investigation halted but the judge, Maryland Circuit Judge Paul Harris, refused to accept their recommendations, which seem to be based solely on the fact that the one filing the complaint, former Department of Justice Attorney Ty Clevenger, did not have personal knowledge of the infraction.

Judge Harris said that it doesn’t matter who files the complaint and that it was obvious to him that a serious crime may well have been committed.  Yeah, that does seem apparent since we now know that Hillary’s lawyers dumped incriminating emails and not just personal ones as they have claimed.

“There are allegations of destroying evidence.  I just think this is a rather easy decision at this point … The court is ordering bar counsel to investigate.”

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

The lawyers involved are:

David Kendall, a longtime Clinton confidant and partner for over three decades at eminent D.C. law firm Williams and Connelly; Cheryl Mills, the Deputy White House Counsel during President Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial who followed Hillary from the State Department to the campaign trail; and Heather Samuelson, the former HILLPAC staffer reported to have handled the screening of Hillary’s emails for preservation, all were accused of misconduct in Clevenger’s complaint.

Clevenger followed up with a lawsuit to compel an investigation in March. The Washington Times reported that another Maryland judge, Anne Arundel Circuit Judge Ronald Silkworth, had similarly refused to dismiss Clevenger’s complaint in July.

In July, 2016, then-FBI Director James Comey testified before the House Oversight and Government reform committee that Clinton attorneys with access to the server, which handled emails with classified material, lacked the security clearances needed to view such information.

Both Mills and Samuelson were given immunity for their testimony to the FBI.  Current and former FBI agents and officials say those grants of immunity are extremely unusual.  (Unless of course, you are running interference for the woman you think will be your new boss.)  The FBI allowed them special privileges based on attorney-client privilege, but that was not really the case since neither Mills or Samuelson were eligible to represent Hillary on the email scandal.

Also, the lawyers who sorted through Hillary’s emails did not possess the needed to clearance to read her work related emails.  That should have been the first tip off that something was rotten in Denmark and Maryland as well.

 Mills and Samuelson were given immunity in exchange for surrendering their laptops not because searching lawyers’ computers is complicated, but because the Justice Department had no intention of prosecuting them. That is also why Justice severely limited the FBI’s search of the laptops, just as it severely limited the FBI’s questioning of Mills. Mills and Samuelson were given immunity because Justice did not want to commence a grand-jury investigation, which would have empowered investigators to compel production of the laptops by simply issuing subpoenas. Justice did not want to use the grand jury because doing so would have signaled that the case was headed toward indictment. The Obama Justice Department was never going to indict Hillary Clinton, and was determined not to damage her presidential campaign by taking steps suggestive of a possible indictment.


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