Judge Disqualifies Washington Gun Control Initiative

Initiative 1639 in Washington State was purported to be a simple raising of the age for long gun purchases to 21. But it was much more than that. A Thurston County Superior Court judge disqualified the 300,000 signatures on the petition, saying that they did not comport to state law. He ordered the Secretary of State’s office to stop certification of the ballot initiative (called a “writ of mandamus”).

The judge stated that the “font was too small to be readable” and didn’t include strikethroughs.

washington gun control

The NRA and Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) had filed two separate lawsuits against I-1639. They were consolidated for the ruling.

NRA-ILA reported some of the things that the initiative would have done:

  • [Created] a gun registry for any transfers of commonly owned semi-automatic rifles;
  • [Introduced] a 10-business day waiting period on the purchase of semi-automatic rifles;
  • [Imposed] criminal liability on otherwise law-abiding gun owners who fail to store their firearms to state standards;
  • [Increased] the age limit to possess or purchase semi-automatic rifles from 18 to 21;
  • [Mandated] training prior to purchase;
  • And [authorized]a $25 fee to be assessed to semiautomatic rifle purchasers.

It’s guaranteed that the proponents of this ballot initiative will appeal the judge’s ruling.

“The National Rifle Association is glad to see the court today recognized how negligent, if not worse, gun control advocates were in their signature-gathering for this ill-advised ballot initiative. We got involved because I-1639 tramples on the rights of Washington state voters, and because the way these anti-gun activists went about pushing their agenda was egregious. We applaud this decision, and will remain vigilant in protecting the constitutional freedoms of all Americans.” Chris W. Cox, executive director, NRA-ILA

Breitbart also noted:

The fee alone would be a new tax that could be raised after a period of time in order to make the purchase of commonly owned semiautomatic firearms cost prohibitive…

…Second Amendment Foundation founder Alan Gottlieb said, “A few billionaires donated millions of dollars to buy the signatures to get this fraudulent initiative on the ballot. But they couldn’t buy the Court.” He also pointed out that the organization behind the initiative push, the Alliance for Gun Responsibility, “acted totally irresponsible in circulating this initiative to the voters and it not only cost them millions of wasted dollars but their credibility as well.”

So if it takes a small technicality to stop the gun control agenda, so be it.

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H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children


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