Joy Villa and her Trump Dress: Liberal Freak out

 joy villa
Joy Villa and her ‘Make America Great Again’ Dress

Until last night, few people had ever heard of Joy Villa. But when she arrived at the Grammy Awards ceremony last night, the liberals pulled the lever on a full-on hatefest. Why? She was wearing a “Make America Great Again” Trump dress created by gay designer Andre Soriano.

Patriots fought for her in the midst of liberal hate on Social Media:

The picture of Capitalism

Her dress got so much attention that her music jumped to #1 on iTunes, and #3 on Amazon. Did she only do it for personal gain? But the courage it took to wear that dress to one of the most liberal functions in Hollywood, and face the ensuing hatred, even if just for gain, was pretty awesome.


Some of the worst of the messages were deleted either by the account holders or Twitter.

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Someone even changed her Wikipedia page to a derogatory name.

One Twitter user didn’t care for that comment and posted his own ‘those tears are delicious’ thoughts:


“…she is winning, her album is top on #iTunes and moving on up. Pure genius and shows the beauty of Capitalism. And No, her opinion as a celebrity shouldn’t matter to anyone, but just the fact that she made this bold move in liberal infested Hollywood , on the Grammys, national news, (give that girl a cookie) one must give a thumbs up and enjoy this ride.” R. Ferran

H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children


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