Jihadists Ramp Up Attack Plans in US and Europe – Are You Next?

In the wake of ISIS’ Orlando “success” at murdering 49 people, the jihadists are so excited they are coming up with more plans for attacks, and even suggesting new things. Al-Qaeda, for example, wants lone wolves to attack white folks because then no one can claim the attacks are a “hate crime.” ISIS has issued a call to “paralyze” Europe in the wake of the Brexit.

Al-Qaeda (AQAP) and the lone wolves

Al-Qaeda of the Arabian Peninsula released a document that suggested lone wolves should target places where white Americans gather, rather than where gays or minorities hang out. They want jihadists to avoid their attacks being labelled as “hate crimes.”

“I cannot tell you definitively that we will ever narrow it down to one motivation. People often act out of more than one motivation. This was clearly an act of terror and an act of hate. We will look at all motivations and hope to come to a conclusion there.” Loretta Lynch

The FBI later said it has found no evidence that Mateen was actually gay.

The notice was in an online publication called: “Inspire guide: Orlando operation.” Though it was an ISIS operation, Al-Qaeda is hopeful to capitalize on the momentum and encouraged more followers to attack Americans.

The article suggested lone wolves should “avoid targeting places and crowds where minorities are generally found” and instead target “areas where the Anglo-Saxon community is generally concentrated. This class of the American community is the majority and it is the one that is in the American leadership.”


Paralyzing Europe

ISIS is calling for more attacks in Europe in the wake of the economic upheaval caused by the Brexit.  We previously reported on the serious threat to European resorts this summer.

The Mirror.uk reported,

A jihadi Telegram – an encrypted messaging service popular with militants – praised the economic chaos that came in the wake of the EU Referendum and urged followers to strike at the heart of mainland Europe, according to terror threat monitor Site.

One plot foiled

Earlier in June, the major soccer tournament, Euro 2016, was a possible target. Belgium has been on high alert since the Brussels attacks.

A terror plot was foiled that had targeted the Ireland/Belgium soccer match back on June 18 after a sweep by police led to 12 arrests and the search of more than 16 locations.

Prime Minister Charles Michel, and several of his foreign ministers were placed under protection on Friday, June 17, as the threat was deemed imminent.

The Independent reported on June 18,

Belgian police received an alert on Wednesday warning that a group of Isis fighters recently left Syria heading to Europe planning attacks in Belgium and France.

Reports claimed the militants were travelling without passports via Greece, but it was unclear how they would reach Europe under measures enforced since the EU-Turkey deal, which are seeing all asylum seekers arriving on Greek islands detained.

Jihadists have to be pursued and eliminated. For all of us, extra vigilance is a necessity, regardless of your color or place of residence.

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