Jews not invited to Swedish Kristallnacht celebration

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Frankfurt_am_Main_Synagogue;_November_PogromsCiting security risks, organizers of “Umeå against Nazism” said Jews would not be invited to participate in the event marking Kristallnacht, or the “Night of Broken Glass,” the 1938 Nazi pogrom against Austrian and German Jews.

“In previous years, we have had a lot of Palestinian flags at these rallies, and even one banner where the Israeli flag was equated with a swastika,” said organizer and local Workers’ Party member Jan Hägglund. “The Jewish community wasn’t invited because we assumed they might be uncomfortable around that sort of thing.”

Arutz Sheva added:

Critics claim that Hägglund’s omission must be due to the crowd he invited to the event, implying that it could only be far-left or anti-Israel – thus creating the environment which justified the “security risk.”

Meanwhile, the event’s Facebook page appears to even downplay the Jewish community’s role in the event, instead conveying a generalized, vanilla message of tolerance – not opposition to anti-Semitism.

Not everyone agrees with the decision, as Arutz Sheva reported:

Some local officials are holding counter-rallies in protest – including municipal worker Anders Agren, who invited the Jewish community to a ceremony which will feature the lighting of memorial candles and a moment of silence.

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