Jeb Bush promises citizenship for illegals — in Spanish

Jeb Bush AmnestyIn a statement made Monday at the Palenque Grill in McAllen, Texas, Jeb Bush promised — in Spanish — to grant citizenship to illegal aliens.  Not residency, not a temporary status of any kind — but citizenship.

“I, as President, I would go to congress and change the law to give them not a residency but citizenship,” he said in Spanish (not English, mind you) at a meeting attended by Breitbart’s Ildefonso Ortiz.  Let that sink in for just a minute before continuing.

He also supports a “virtual” fence, not a real one like Donald Trump.

“You have to have a much deeper strategy than just building a fence, you have to have much more coordination with local law enforcement. There has to be more focus on a virtual fence which I propose as to using GPS technology, drone technology and other things like that,” he said.

He also bashed Trump’s ideas as unrealistic and not conservative.  Never mind that conservatives have been screaming for border security and enforcement of the law.

Meanwhile, as our very own Steven H. Ahle has reported here, here, here, and in numerous other articles, illegals continue to wreak havoc on the country.  And the regime refuses to kick them out of the country for good.

Now we have two very clear visions on the issue of illegal aliens.  Donald Trump has said he wants them gone.  Jeb Bush wants to give them a “pathway to citizenship,” i.e., amnesty.

Which vision do you support?  Let us know in the comments below.



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