Jamie Glazov on the murder of Sonia Bibi: ‘Hey leftists, who will stand for her?’

Jamie Glazov on the murder of Sonia Bibi: ‘Hey leftists, who will stand for her?’
Jamie Glazov on the murder of Sonia Bibi: ‘Hey leftists, who will stand for her?’

A Pakistani woman, Sonia Bibi, 20, died on October 23, 2015, after she rejected a marriage proposal from Latif Ahmed and after telling the police that Ahmed had doused her with gas and then set her on fire.

Questions are being asked as to why the liberal media refuses to cover such stories of murder and honor killings of women in the Muslim world.

Jamie Glazov, who was born in the former Soviet Union (USSR), founder of the The Glazov Gang, and managing editor of FrontPage Magazine, is questioning as to why the leftists are ignoring such murderous actions done by Muslims, and of what resides in the heart of leftists to deny why Sonia Bibi was set ablaze for refusing a marriage proposal in the Muslim world.

A search of United States media outlets presents no coverage of the murder of Sonia Bibi, especially by the liberal media, which constantly defends the political movement of Islam by Muslims who are bent on destroying the western world with violence and silent Jihad.

In his video column, “Jamie Glazov Moment: The Leftists Heart of Darkness,” Glazov goes after the leftists for their ignorance on what is happening with Muslim women around the world and mainly the Middle East.

Glazov stated that he has been around many leftists and when he brings up the issue of Muslims murdering in the name of Islam, Glazov said that their replies are, “Oh, but not all Muslims do that… oh, it’s not just Islam, look what happens in America, and in America, this person did this.”

The Pakistan medical staff who was taking care of Bibi had originally thought she would recover after burns covered forty-five to 50% of her body but an infection had set in and Bibi ended up dying.

The incident took place in a remote village of Multan district in central Punjab province and according to the Guardian, the police have arrested 24-year-old, Latif Ahmed.

The Aurat Foundation, established in 1986, a women’s rights organization based in Islamabad, Pakistan has stated that more than 3,000 women have been murdered in such attacks since 2008 in cases of domestic violence or on the grounds of defending family “honor”.


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