James Woods asks for photo evidence that Obama attended Columbia, Twitter explodes

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On Saturday, actor James Woods reached out to alumni of Columibia University, asking for photo evidence that former President Barack Obama actually attended the school.  As of this writing, the tweet received over 35,000 likes and was shared over 14,000 times.

“Hey, if any of you went to Columbia University and recall Barack Obama as a student there, would you please respond with a tweet and a pic of him at Columbia? Thanks,” he tweeted.

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Twitter naturally exploded:



One person tweeted:

In 2012, Breitbart reported:

Before Obama chose to disclose his grades to the media, Obama’s grades were unquestionably private and confidential. If he was truthful about his college GPAs, then they are now unquestionably public and non-confidential. Having voluntarily chosen to disclose his GPAs, there is no reason for him now to object to independent verification of those claims unless he knows that his grades differ from what he told the media.

Although all presidential candidates deserve a presumption of truthfulness, there are legitimate questions about President Obama’s GPA claims, as set forth in detail in my book Barack O’Liberal: The Education of President Obama. For example, with respect to his GPA at Occidental College, Obama said he was “goofing off for the first two years of college” and had a “lackadaisical approach to his [Occidental] studies.” One of his Occidental professors said Obama “wasn’t a very serious student” and another said that Obama “wasn’t working hard enough.” One of Obama’s law school recommenders said, “I think [Obama] didn’t do too well in college.” If Obama had a 3.7 GPA at Columbia, then why did he graduate without honors? Why is there no public evidence that he made Columbia’s Dean’s List, which required only a 3.33 GPA in any semester? Why hasn’t Obama sought to collect (at least for charity) the million-dollar bet from his classmate, Wayne Allyn Root, that Obama had a sub-3.5 GPA at Columbia?

So far, Obama has refused independent verification of his academic record. The New York Times said that Obama “declined repeated requests to talk about his New York years, release his Columbia transcript or identify even a single fellow student, coworker, roommate or friend from those years.” When Salon asked for Obama’s LSAT score, the request was refused. Valerie Jarrett called the requests for Obama’s transcripts “nonsense” and White House Press Secretary Jay Carney called such requests “preposterous.”

We’re still waiting…

H/T: Gateway Pundit


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