James O’Keefe puts ‘deadman’s switch’ on new video suggesting concern for his life

James O'KeefeIt appears that James O’Keefe of Project Veritas may have some concerns that his life could be in danger after releasing two explosive videos exposing Democrat Party corruption.  On Friday, he issued a tweet telling supporters that a “deadman’s switch” on a video set to be released Monday that will implicate Democrats Hillary Clinton and Donna Brazile.

Twitchy noted that Infowars’ Joe Biggs is apparently poised to “flip the switch” should it be necessary:

Twitchy said O’Keefe is “getting plenty of well wishes” from Twitter users.


Others, however, pushed back, calling O’Keefe a “drama queen.”


A post at The Right Scoop said:

Wow, that would be big, depending on what he has. I think he’s a little paranoid about this “dead man’s switch.” High profile political operators aren’t assassinated like that except in Russia, and we ain’t Russia. Yet.

I doubt, though, that any of these critics are in a position to personally attest that O’Keefe isn’t getting threatened.  Just saying…

As the Right Scoop correctly noted, “we’ll have to wait until Monday to see if he has the goods.”

Meanwhile, keep in mind that O’Keefe said he was warned of retaliation by a future Hillary administration…


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