It’s Still Benghazi, Stupid


There are so many Obama scandals floating around, that one could reach the conclusion that Obama himself released much of the information to create a scandal fatigue among the American people.  I think that is entirely possible.  You have to remember the timing.  During a week of explosive testimony on Benghazi and startling revelations about the night of the attack, the IRS “accidentally” leaked the IRS scandal.  That prevented Benghazi from dominating the weekend shows.

Recent testimony and evidence point to the fact that once again we were lied to about the night of the embassy attack.  The first lie was that it was all due to an internet movie that insulted Muslims.  Obama then did the two things he does best.  Lie and apologize to people who want to destroy the United States of America.

I am convinced that if we knew everything about the Benghazi attack, Obama would be finished, whether he remained in office or not.  Why else would he allow so much information about other scandals to come out after he already had a tight lid on them?  I think it’s calculated to take the steam out of the Benghazi investigation.

Why you ask?  Very simple.  All of the other scandals cannot be tied directly to Obama.  Oh, sure, we can be fairly certain he pulled the strings, but the fact remains that we can’t prove it.  But consider the possibility of proving Obama gave the stand down order.  This is much more than a case of someone falling on their sword to protect Obama.  The president is the only one who can give a stand down order.  Anyone taking the blame could face the death penalty for treason.  Life in prison max.

Now, you can find many people willing to spend a few years in prison for you if they are amply rewarded for it, but who in their right mind would accept life in a maximum security prison, sharing a bar of soap with a weight lifter named Bubba?  I mean besides Perez Hilton and Rahm Emanuel.  And neither of them had a role to play in Benghazi.

Imagine you have 5 gallons of paint and one small shed.  You could slop the paint on thickly and quickly.  You would be done in no time.  Now imagine you have the same 5 gallons of paint but now you have four buildings to paint.  In order to make sure you had enough paint, you would need to be careful not to waste a drop.  You would put thin coats on the buildings and take care not to spill any on the ground.  You would have less coverage and it would take much more time.  Obama wants to run the clock out.

So, it’s fine to keep an eye on these other unfolding scandals that seem to surface daily, but keep one thing in mind.  “It’s Still Benghazi, Stupid.”

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