It’s Begun! Did George Soros Funded Plan Helps Naturalize 114k New Democrats in Tennessee?

holder-and-obamaDon’t say I didn’t warn you.  Back in April of this year, I wrote an article concerning George Soros and the naturalization of legal immigrants.

Now, I confess, I have no proof yet, that Soros is behind 114,000 immigrants becoming naturalized American citizens eligible to vote, but the signs are there.  

How often do 114,000 immigrants in Tennessee suddenly decide to become citizens all of a sudden.  And since the application fee is $680 and many of these immigrants are poor, it makes it a lot more curious.

Many legal immigrants spend the $450 dollar for a renewal of their green card, because they can’t afford the extra money, especially with a family.  Enter George Soros.

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Soros is using his group, Open Borders, to enact a multi-pronged plan to urge legal immigrants to become citizens. This is from my April article:

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