Italy; Muslim migrants riot over food, ‘We want our chicken and french fries’

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CTTENQQWIAACgKCThe American Chief Executive has made clear that he fully intends to allow thousands, if not tens of thousands of Middle Eastern and North African migrants into the United States as reported earlier this month by the Washington Examiner. But what’s happening in Europe may be a portent of things to come that Barack Obama may not have considered.

As reported by Thomas D. Williams, Ph.D. of the news service on Mar. 31, 2016, “A number of mostly Muslim migrants hosted in a hotel in the northern Italian town of Chioggia ripped down the Italian flag in protest of an Easter meal of pasta in place of their usual chicken and french fries.” To further display their anger at the change of fare, courtesy of the Italian taxpayers, the miffed migrants reportedly shouted “No pasta, it’s a disgrace! We want our chicken and french fries!”

The Italian government is paying the owners of the Al Bragosso di Sant’Anna Hotel to house 45 migrants, who were normally served a Sunday dinner of chicken and French fries, but with last Sunday being Easter it was decided to instead serve the pasta “to properly celebrate the holiday.” As Dr. Williams noted, “the migrants’ anger may have been ignited by the commemoration of Easter as a holiday more than just the corresponding change of menu, since almost all of them are Muslims.”

Indeed a tradition in Italy and among Italians world-wide to serve pasta on Easter Sunday, the Italian cooking website cites over 60 different various pasta recipes. Also specifically cited is verification that for generations pasta dishes have been served up by Italian mothers and grandmothers during the Pasqua celebrations.

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Not the first time have the newly arrived migrants responded violently to what or wasn’t served to them at host country’s expense. As reported by both London’s Daily Mail and Moscow’s earlier this year, a group of 19 teens at a child refugee center in Emmaboda, Sweden, armed themselves with homemade weapons as they rampaged through the camp.

According to a police spokesman the catalyst for the violence was due to a member of the camp’s staff refusing a request for one of the residents to buy candy. The spokesman, John Nilsson also added, “‘[They] became furious with the staff member,’ he added. ‘He collected together around 15 friends and the staff were forced to shut themselves in while they broke windows and did what they liked.’”

Reportedly, the center’s staff were forced to barricade themselves in one of the secure rooms for fear of their lives. Not until the arrival of local police to rescue them were the staff members truly safe.

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