Issa: FBI wants to indict Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin

hillary-clinton-jailOn Friday, the Washington Examiner reported that Rep. [score]Darrell Issa[/score], R-Calif., said the FBI wants to indict both Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin for using an unprotected, unsecure private server to conduct sensitive government business.

“I think the FBI director would like to indict both Huma and Hillary as we speak,” Issa said Thursday while watching the GOP debate at Marco Rubio’s New Hampshire campaign headquarters.

The Examiner added:

“I think he’s in a position where he’s being forced to triple-time make a case of what would otherwise be, what they call, a slam dunk,” Issa said, referring to FBI Director James Comey, who previously told the Senate Judiciary Committee he would conduct a “competent,” “honest” and “independent” probe into Clinton’s handling of classified information during her tenure as secretary of state.

Still, Issa suggested Clinton’s wrongdoing is obvious.

Perhaps it’s obvious, but remember, Clinton has been dodging scandals for over 40 years.

And while this is good news, “wanting” to indict Clinton and actually doing it are two different things.

“You can’t have 1,300 highly sensitive emails that contain highly sensitive material that’s taken all, or in part from classified documents, and have it be an accident,” Issa reportedly said. “There’s no question, she knew she had a responsibility and she circumvented it. And she circumvented it a second time when she knowingly let highly-classified material get onto emails in an unclassified format.”

And now we learn that the State Department is going to wait until after two key election dates to release some 7,000 pages of emails.

Coincidence? I think not…

Stay tuned.


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