Israel’s PM, A “Serial Accommodator”, Outfoxed By Iran’s Genocidal Regime: Iran Parked On Golan! How Did This Happen? What’s Going On?

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{In 2012, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu warned the United Nations General Assembly that Iran was close to building an atomic bomb. So, the question becomes: what happened between 2012 – 2016 that Netanyahu didn’t “go it alone”, knowing full well that HUSSEIN Obama was totally behind Iran’s nuclear quest??}

AS an American-Israeli – a steadfast US patriot and an Israeli Zionist – there is little more noxious than peeling back the dirt from America’s and Israel’s leaders. Trust, there is no pleasure derived. Phew. Regardless, personal discomfit pales in comparison to the dangers at hand.

IN this regard, few are unaware that Iran, over an eight-year stretch, was shepherded to WMD status via HUSSEIN Obama’s “helping hands.” Aiding and abetting. For the record, its basis was duly laid out within the following policy paper, one which has these fingerprints: “House of Bribes: How The United States Led The Way To A Nuclear Iran.” Read it and weep. 

SIMILARLY, many witnessed PM Netanyahu’s stellar speech (he is an incomparable orator) before Congress on March 3, 2015, when he issued a final warning – before the deal was sealed – about the Iranian menace, not only aimed toward the heart of Israel, but to the west at large. 

INCONTESTABLY, while Herculean covert actions against Iran have been undertaken and are likely ongoing – with or without assists from Washington – the fact remains that Netanyahu has been at the helm from March 2009 to date, yet, Iran’s mullahs are closer than ever to their genocidal goals! How can this be? Never mind that he served as PM from June 1996-July 1999. Effectively, he is more than schooled in the ins and outs re Iran’s revolutionary regime. As an aside, his mental prowess is not in question, after all, he is an MIT grad! 

IT is with said sobering background in mind that an interview was conducted with the Editor-in-Chief of Inquisitr.com, and it was entitled:“Can Israel Survive As The Jewish State? – An Interview With Adina Kutnicki.” It was not for nothing.

WHILE the backdrop to the “sit-down” involved analyzing Israel’s geo-political landscape – primarily, in relation to PM Netanyahu’s, seemingly, “tough guy” persona, in juxtaposition to his actual timidity during Israel’s 2014 summer-long hot war with Hamas – certain disturbing patterns came into focus.

IN fact, Hamas, the Brotherhood Mafia’s Palestinian terror arm, was allowed to blitz Israel’s cities with missiles/rockets – from one end of the country to the other – on a non-stop basis for the entire summer! Not only that, their top leaders – military and political – were burrowed underground and survived intact, even though Israel’s military possessed enough firepower to liquidate their leadership in toto! The questions become: Why did PM Netanyahu let them survive? Was it in acquiescence to HUSSEIN Obama’s dictates? You decide.

SO, in geo-political terms, the above “missteps” only serve to shore up today’s thesis – for they are the knock-on effects to Iran’s current encampment on Israel’s Golan border!

TO wit, if not for Netanyahu’s penchant for “serial accommodations” (in contrast to his aggressive deployment of Stuxnet, an unprecedented cyberweapon), Iran’s mad mullahs would not be parked on Israel’s doorstep – as will be proven below. Indeed, Iran’s Revolutionary Quds force, in tandem with Hizbullah (their Lebanese-based proxy arm), have surrounded Israel. Boxed-in.

ALAS, this strategic disaster is atop Iran being a stone’s throw from WMD status, all of which happened under Netanyahu’s watch! Not only that, Israel’s PM pledged, repeatedly, that this grave situation…aka matzav…מַצָּב…would NEVER be allowed to happen!

THE point being, he was more afraid to thwart HUSSEIN Obama’s dictates (throughout their overlapping two-terms at the helm), as opposed to stepping-up and dealing with the menace(s), head on, at Israel’s throat – HUSSEIN be damned.

MIND you, when push came to shove, another Israeli PM resorted to a bold operation (not only that, it was the first of its kind in the annals of warfare), one which Washington’s leaders clearly “disapproved” of, as did the rest of the west’s braying leadership. Intrinsically, said nation-saving strike necessitated statesmanship. Herein lies the difference. The danger.

MOREOVER, as is known, HUSSEIN Obama (with the world’s biggest arsenal at his disposal) did everything possible to break apart the Middle East. It necessitated destabilizing Libya, and with attendant ricochets into the region. No doubt, the end goal was to set Syria on fire. Yes, along with surrogates, this was HUSSEIN’s plan. In the main, it was for the benefit of the Sunni Brotherhood Mafia on the one hand, and Iran’s Shia mullahs on the other. Of course, all of which was designed to encircle Israel! The twists and turns.

THAT being said, one must recognize that the Islamist-in-Chief is known to swing both ways – and this is not in reference to his “down low” sexual appetites! How so? Well, he supports Qatar, a nation which houses the Sunni Brotherhood Mafia, and, at the same time – alongside the Al Thani ruling family – is in league with Iran’s (Shia) hegemonic ambitions! Understood?  

IN light of this twisted truth, PM Netanyahu, for the most part, hitched Israel onto HUSSEIN’s train, so to speak. How did this happen? 

THE following excerpt – from the above referenced interview at Inquisitr – illuminates the trail:

WOLFF BACHNER: And speaking of responsible world leaders, why isn’t the Prime Minster of Israel bringing up these serious issues with the nations involved in the peace process and especially with Obama and demanding an end to all military threats to Israel before Israel will negotiate again? Is he trying too hard to appease Obama and the various European talking heads, and by doing so, weakening Israel’s position even further in a peace process that is already an anti-Israeli charade?

ADINA KUTNICKI: It is this lock-step and debasing march which stopped him (during 9 years as PM, from 1996-1999 and 2009 -2015) from declaring victory over Hamas during the 2014 summer-long war, one which blanketed/blitzed the entire country with missile and rocket barrages. More indicting, instead of laying waste, years ago, to Iran’s mushrooming genocidal WMD program, he is still begging President Obama to lead the charge, knowing full well that he has no such intention. Chasing ghosts.

Inherently, he could have taken a page out of (the late) PM Menachem Begin’s playbook, when he defied President Carter and destroyed Iraq’s Osirak reactor. Now, as then, Washington issued threats to “cease and desist”, but one PM ignored said orders, while the other (continuously) caved. Statesmanship, or the lack thereof.

In the main, PM Netanyahu is best described as a “serial accommodator”, comparable to a badly battered wife who just can’t help herself from going back to her abuser, one last time, for more punishment. Now, others may tsk, tsk and opine: well, the POTUS is the big man in the arena, therefore, what can poor “Bibi” do but genuflect? Hogwash.

For the record, PM Menachem Begin didn’t have a problem executing what his mantle required of him; protecting Israel at ALL costs! Similarly, Israel’s first PM, David Ben-Gurion, gave Eisenhower the proverbial finger, when he launched a war in 1956 in concert with Britain and France against an increasingly belligerent Egypt. As always, Washington attempted to stay Israel’s hand. History repeats.

In furtherance to the above charge and indictment, whereas PM Ben-Gurion took on the U.S. when Israel was little more than a military pipsqueak, PM Netanyahu behaves as if Israel is a vassal state. This is the case even though he has at his disposal the most adept forces in the region, let alone technologically advanced. Hence, the question is not one of actual force strength, but one of inner and moral fortitude. Hmm…..continue reading….

IN addition to the comparative between the late PM Begin and PM Netanyahu, “Operation Opera”, undertaken in June 1981, is illustrative of the core difference between the two leaders. In a word: statesmanship. Demonstrably.

EVEN so, let’s go a step further. Perhaps, “Bomb Iran” will clarify the “stylistic” differences between both PM’s, when faced with the biggest challenges of their respective tenures. Hint: one was action-oriented, while the other – not so much.

YES, whereas one is bombastic, albeit, an incomparable orator, he is (mentally) incapable of giving the order: finish off the enemy! The other, while hardly a skilled wordsmith, saved Israel from the Iraqi menace. Unreservedly, there is no comparison between the two leaders. And, as a knock-on effect, a bonus, US forces were saved from a nuclear-armed Iraq, when entering the Persian Gulf War during 1990-1991 – thank you very much! 

STILL yet, if additional analytical heft is required, so be it.

The arrival of USS George H.W. Bush on Saturday, July 1, for the first visit a US aircraft carrier has paid to Israel in nearly tow decades is a happy event for the Jewish state. The 5.700-strong crew of the biggest nuclear-powered vessel in the world will be given a joyous welcome when they celebrate America’s Independence Day on July 4.
But amid the comings and goings of helicopters ferrying official VIPs and high officers between the port of Haifa and the decks of the Bush, one question remains unanswered. Why was this mighty ship, with its more than 80 warplanes and cruise missiles, deployed to the eastern Mediterranean at this time? And which bad guy is it meant to deter?

Russia is certainly not in US sights, or even the air force and naval units it has posted to Syria. Washington and Moscow are notg seeminlgy poised for a direct confrontation over Syria and its ruler Bashar Assad.  Since no showdown occurred in the two years since the Russians stepped up their military intervention in September 2015, it won’t be staged days before President Donald Trump’s first face-to-face with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G20 in Hamburg, Germany.

Assad can therefore rest quietly; he is out of danger for the foreseeable future. Even the new French President, Emmanuel Macron admitted on June 22: “France is no longer pushing for the departure of Syrian President Bashar Assad.”

Washington and Moscow will no doubt have their ups and downs over military moves in Syria while carving up their spheres of influence, but Putin appears to have got away with his strategy for stabilizing the Assad regime and its future, while setting up a chain of Russian air and naval bases on the western Syrian Mediterranean coast.
Propped up by Russian air might, the regime in Damascus is additionally secured by Iran and Hizballah.

However, unlike the Russians, their presence in Syria directly imperils Israel’s national security.

When Trump entered the White House in January, he and his aides doubled down on two vows, which were to tear up the bad nuclear deal with Tehran, and boot Iran and Hizballah out of Syria. Those steps aimed at stripping Iran of the leading Middle East power status conferred on the Islamic Republic by Barack Obama; curtail its aggressive expansionism; and snatch away from Tehran the prize of a direct land bridge to the Mediterranean via Iraq and Syria.

Just two months ago, when President Trump visited Riyadh and performed his sword dance with Saudi King Salman, he repeated those vows to provide the platform for a new US-Arab Sunni pact. For a brief moment, Trump appeared to have come up with America’s answer to Putin’s Shiite Iranian-dominated bloc.

But this week, the Riyadh plan had clearly been set aside.

The US armed forces journal Stars and Stripes commented in its June 29 issue: “President Donald Trump decided against killing off the Iran nuclear deal in a Day One spectacular. It may face a lingering death instead.”

No Middle East watcher sees any sign of this happening; just the reverse. Even if Washington did walk out of the nuclear pact, it would make no difference, since, in recent months, the Iranians have fast forwarded the development of their nuclear and missile programs. They sent blunt notice of their stance last month when they fired seven ballistic surface missiles from western Iran into eastern Syria.

Not a peep came out of the Trump administration at the time. And no one stopped Tehran following up with rapid one-two steps designed by Al Qods chief Gen. Qassem Soleimani – and carried forward by Syrian, Iraqi and Iranian forces – to seize control of large parts of the Syrian-Iraqi border and open up their coveted land bridge.

This Iranian-Syrian offensive had two consequences:

1.  The Iranian and allied military moves in eastern Syria hemmed in and cut off the US special forces which had set up a garrison in the Syrian-Iraqi-Jordanian border triangle.

2. While Moscow never declared its support for the Iranian-initiated move on the border, the Russians secretly helped it by supplying intelligence and logistical assistance.
On this too, Washington chose to hold its collective tongue.

On Thursday, June 29, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu solemnly stated in Katzrin, at an anniversary celebration of the Golan town, that he would never permit Iranian forces to reach Israel’s border.

However, as he spoke, the Syrian army and rebel forces were locked in fierce battle just 3 kilometers away from the speaker for control of the village of Al-Baath in the Quneitra district. Netanyahu never let on that Iran had set up its military headquarters for southern Syria at Al-Baath under the command of Gen. Soleimani. Neither did he mention that Soleimani’s plan was to replicate Iran’s grab for the Syrian-Iraqi border by similar attacks on Syria’s borders with Jordan and Israel.

The fact is that the Iranians have already arrived and are sitting on Israel’s border. But the prime minister, like the US president, chooses to turn a blind eye to this rapidly advancing reality.

AS per Trump and his “promises”, you may want to read (or, reread, whatever the case may be) “Team Trump’s (Islamic) Cognitive Dissonance: Iranian WMD Architect Ensconced At State. What Happened To ‘Worst Deal/Document Ever Negotiated’ ?”

OMINOUSLY, as is said, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. And, tragically, this is precisely an apt descriptor – re what Israel faces due to Netanyahu’s “serial accommodations” during his two-term tenure.

MAY G-d have mercy on the children of Israel – saving them from their enemies, as well as from their derelict leaders!!

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