Israel’s Allies and Enemies: The Truth Exposed…Part 3 of 3

By: Diane Sori and Craig Andresen

As we wrap up this 3-part series ‘Israel’s Allies and Enemies: The Truth Exposed’ with the benefits of what we believe to be the ONLY truly viable plan to establish a two-state solution in the Middle East, one very important thing bears repeating…while Israel IS in favor of a two state solution to achieve peace with the Palestinians, ‘Palestine’…as in the Palestinian Authority with Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood being their in-house islamic army…is decidedly NOT as Hamas has it written into their charter that Israel is to be destroyed and all Jews, on a global scale, are to be killed. ‘Palestine’ is only in favor of a ONE state solution and Israel is NOT that state. While the solution we propose will be difficult to achieve… as King Abdullah II of Jordan is a primary roadblock to the ‘Road Map to Peace’ in the region…peace is NOT impossible and the solution we propose is viable, and should be given serious consideration.

In Part 1… of this most important series, Diane Sori of The Patriot Factor and RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS on CPR Worldwide Media, exposed the truth about the Jordanian monarchy’s continuing ties to both Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood…ties the media will NOT tell you about…and ties that are in and of themselves stopping the peace process from moving forward. In Part 2… of this series Craig Andresen, of The National Patriot and RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS, explained how King Abdullah II, playing both sides of the coin, in addition to the silence of the Arab nations… except for Egypt which clearly sides with Israel…has stood out. However, by the Arab nations NOT outwardly siding with either side really means that the islamic factions involved, Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, do NOT have their support.

To understand why peace at this point in time cannot be achieved one must understand the dynamics of the Arab mindset. This mindset has been set in motion by the 1924 destruction of the Caliphate, subsequent western occupation of Arab lands, the establishment of Israel in 1948, the two Gulf wars, and the continuing of the west’s ‘War on Terror,’ all contributed to how the Arab mind works. And with the Arab mindset totally controlled by the words of the Hadith…programmed if you will to hate all non-muslims…this translates into meaning we infidels. The Arab sense of right and wrong is the polar opposite of how we westerners think, just as they relish death…we relish life. Any western attempt to orchestrate political change in Arab countries is instantly rejected and thrown back at us through the call to jihad. This is why all proposals by the west have been rejected and is exactly why it will take an Arab country…like Egypt…to broker an actual peace treaty even though this will put an Arab leader expounding such a proposal in jeopardy. Remember, history records the fate of Anwar Sadat after signing the Egypt/Israel Peace Accord along with the same fate for Menachem Begin.

Having a 7th century mentality but with 21st century weaponry makes these people more dangerous than we ever expected. Remember, the Arabs lived as they did for centuries before a massive culture shock…the modern world…tried to introduce concepts foreign to them, causing them to perceive that their culture was being taken from them. Their culture was and still is the antithesis of western culture and some of their more extreme ideologies…such as sharia law…are concepts that do NOT fit in a 21st century civilized world. They have stagnated to a point where their mindset does NOT allow them to see reality nor to make peace with those they believe are their enemies but who in reality are anything but. Few in the Arab world understand this, and even fewer achieve positions in the world where they can affect the type of change necessary for peace, because they are then seen and perceived by their own people as enemies of islam.

While the more moderate Arab countries mentioned in Part 2 of this series still lag behind in the human rights ideals of the 21st century, they have started to shift away from their past barbaric practices used to solve their problems, and have reaped the benefits of a more peaceful existence in the region and in the world.

And Arab success stories do exist. The United Arab Emirates…with its modern landscape as a center of trade and commerce…and with Egypt at peace with Israel for decades and now outwardly siding with them in this current conflict…are two cases in point. Their leaders were smart enough to see that war is NOT always the answer to questions raised, and as with Egypt, if some attempt to set them back is made, the people will say NO.

As the current situation continues unchecked and unabated…and as Hamas breaks cease-fire after cease-fire…the time has come to realize that this fighting will NOT accomplish anything for either side. And the antiquated idea of a two-state solution lying solely at the feet of Israel is 7th century thinking and herein is where a new approach must be taken. And so we present a possibility that many have overlooked up until now but a possibility we believe can offer a viable and lasting peace for all parties concerned.

First, the State of Israel must be completely removed from the two-state solution equation, because Israel’s post-’67 borders secured in a war for their very survival should belong to Israel alone. Also, the UN mandate that established Israel as a Jewish nation had the Arab nations in existence at that time both signing said mandate thus legally recognizing Israel’s existence. However, as long as current Arab entities seek Israel’s destruction and continue that quest as per the wording laid down in their documents and doctrines, there can NEVER be peace if they exist anywhere within Israel’s current borders. Israel, being a 21st century nation…a nation wanting peace…a nation NEVER the aggressor yet always being blamed as one…understands that trading more land of her for peace… trading its land…is NOT the answer to a lasting peace. Israel does NOT have a quarrel with the Palestinian people but must be allowed to defend herself against the 7th century mentality of the leaders that currently control those people.

This can be seen in the words of Mudar Zahran, a Jordanian-Palestinian and leader of the Palestinian People’s Movement when he said, and we quote, “To be clear, yes I am 110% pro-Israel, because my people’s interest is with Israel, and it’s the only country that treats us as humans…”

Second, it must be understood that Jordan’s King Abdullah II is NOT really a friend to Israel because he knows that Israel’s giving up of land is NOT the answer to peace. He knows the Palestinians are in actuality Jordanians and he knows deep down he holds the key to a lasting peace, but like Obama his ego has gotten in the way. Abdullah has NOT yet realized that if he proposes what he knows to be the answer he will possibly become a serious and respected player on the world stage. And that realization does involve a two-state solution but a two-state solution between Jordan and the Palestinians NOT between Israel and the Palestinians.

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The indisputable fact is that the ‘Palestinians’ are indeed Jordanian by blood and NOTHING will change that fact. Also, the Palestinians hold Jordanian citizenship and they would NOT hold that if their heritage was in question. Therefore, it is Jordan that must absorb the Palestinians NOT as a separate nation per se but as a state…a governate…within Jordan itself. Functioning as a state, the ‘State of Palestine’ would be able to govern itself while still answering to Amman…much like our 50 states fall under the blanket of Washington D.C .

Third, Egypt is a bigger player in the peace process than most believe. As we described earlier in this article an idea like this cannot be presented by any western entity if it is to gain acceptance in the Arab world. Egypt already having a four-decades old peace accord with Israel in combination with Egypt’s strong military presence in the region makes them the only option to present and see this process though. To start, Egypt must act against Hamas in the West Bank and in Gaza because Hamas is a 7th century protagonist preventing a true peace from gaining a foothold. Then, Egypt must propose to the Arab world the true two-state solution of Palestine existing as a state within Jordan, the country that has already granted citizenship to the Palestinians.

Lastly, Egypt’s promoting this concept removes the stigma of el-Sisi’s government being solely in place because of a perceived military coup, and gives gravitas to his position as a leader on the world stage as he extends what Anwar Sadat started, and expands it throughout the Middle East region.

This true two-state solution mentioned above has benefits and ramifications that would be felt throughout the region and the world. To begin, the islamic nations NOT the Arab nations per se, would feel the now in place repercussions of their neighbors prospering while they stagnated, enveloped in their 7th century mentality of hate. The Arab nations, including the newly constituted state of Palestine within the country of Jordan, now free of the strong-arm control of Hamas would NOT only enter the 21st century but would see its people prospering, and doing so with the willing assistance of their perceived former enemy Israel…a nation that has wanted NOTHING but to live in peace with its neighbors.

The Middle East region as a whole would benefit from a growing coalition of Arab partners in peace that could contain the spread of radical islam, bring economic stability to the region, provide economic sanctions against those who would disrupt the peace, and would find willing partners in the West to support populist uprisings against terrorist entities. And the U.S. would benefit two-fold by keeping our taxpayer dollars here at home to help with our own defense needs, and by bringing economic stability to the region this would allow for the stabilization of prices in regards to oil exports from said region, which in turn benefits the American consumer and the American economy.

And what of Israel itself…Israel would be the biggest beneficiary of all for NOT only would they get to keep their borders intact but they would NO longer have to live with the threat of rockets raining down on them on a daily basis. This alone is truly all Israel asks for.

In summation, a true Middle East peace is indeed attainable but it does involve work, compromise, and putting egos and national pride aside for the betterment of all involved…egos like that of Jordan’s King Abdullah II who thinks he does NOT have to give up land to people that are actually already citizens of his country…egos like that of Barack HUSSEIN Obama who continuously provides 21st century weapons to those with a 7th century mentality…and the egos of those who use war to line their own pockets.

And so friends we leave you with this thought…if we RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori can come up with a workable, viable and beneficial solution for a Middle East peace that is advantageous to all sides why can’t those at the negotiating table do so…or is it that they simply don’t want to…just a thought.

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