Israel’s Allies and Enemies: The Truth Exposed…Part 1 of 3

“I will make you (Israel) a great nation; I will bless you and make your name great… and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.” (Genesis 12:2,3)

“Lift your eyes now and look from the place where you are – northward, southward, eastward, and westward; for all the land which you see, I give to you and your seed forever.” (Genesis 13:14,15)

The true borders of Israel have been breached as per the word of God…the current borders of Israel mean NOTHING to those out to kill us all.

And so sides have been taken and alliances of sorts made, but while the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan appears on the surface to support Israel in its current battle with Hamas, all is NOT as it appears for below the surface facade lies Jordan’s deep ties with Israel’s enemies, and with a king who speaks out of both sides of his mouth.

“We condemn the Israeli aggression and we support the Egyptian cease-fire proposal,” King Abdullah II said last week…seemingly taking both sides yet taking NO side (remember, Egypt’s proposal favors Israel over Hamas)…in other words trying to appear neutral but being neutral in this case is in reality Jordan’s king being what he really is…a wolf in sheep’s clothing. And in this battle for Israel’s very survival, you either stand with Israel or you stand with Israel’s enemies, and Jordan’s king is in fact Israel’s enemy NO matter how the media tries to paint him as Israel’s friend.

To understand this one must look at the modern history of Jordan starting with Israel’s birth as a nation in 1948, and one must also look at who Hamas’ friends and enemies are. It’s easy to say who Hamas’ friends are…as the battle in Gaza goes beyond the obvious battle of muslims versus Jews. Now with this battle…this proxy war…becoming a true ideological battle of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hezbollah, and their backers Iran, Qatar and Turkey against Israel and the more moderate muslim nations of Egypt and Saudi Arabia…Jordan falls somewhere in between friend and foe with foe actually being their dominant role.

For example, the infamous oil rich nation of Qatar (who Obama made the keeper of the five terrorists he exchanged for one American traitor) outwardly funds Hamas. Giving $400 million to Hamas in 2012 alone, the Qataris do NOT hide the fact that they support and fund other radical islamist groups as well, including the Muslim Brotherhood under whose umbrella Hamas falls. And Turkey…a nation with deep philosophical ties to the Muslim Brotherhood yet a nation at odds with its desire to become part of the western world…has as its Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who heads what in actuality is an islamic government, and who is a man that outwardly criticizes Israel’s rightful military action in Gaza. And Iran…the very nation who vocally expresses its desire to wipe Israel off the map…while being muslim but NOT being an Arabic nation…is a nation once at odds with Hamas who did NOT share their support of Bashar al-Assad’s government in Syria…is a nation who Hamas has now made amends with and who has now pledged to rearm Hamas as their weapons…their rockets…run low.

But what of Jordan…a country who made peace with Israel in 1994. The Jordan-Israel Peace Treaty signed on October 26, 1994, guaranteed Jordan the restoration of its occupied land by defining it’s western borders, and assured it an equitable share of water from the Yarmouk and Jordan rivers. But this was a treaty signed by King Hussein only because he could NO longer afford to go to war against Israel. Remember, during the Six-Day, War Jordanian forces suffered a humiliating defeat after they attacked Israeli-held West Jerusalem. By the third day of the war, the IDF had completely forced the Jordanian and Iraqi armies…the Iraqis who had come to aid the Jordanians…out of the West Bank, and the formerly Jordanian-controlled West Bank, with its one million Palestinian population, came under Israeli military occupation. As a result 300,000 or so Palestinian refugees then fled to Jordan…a country who on the surface outwardly appears to support Israel but who we…my RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS partner and friend Craig Andresen and myself…believe is using that support as a front to hide the truth about their deep ties and continuing support and tolerance of the Muslim Brotherhood and of Hamas itself.

The Jordanian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, the ideological parent and monetary supporter of Hamas, is Jordan’s largest political group, with Jordan’s branch being founded in 1945. Loosely connected to its Egyptian counterpart, and supporting the Palestinian cause and rejecting Western influence on both its domestic and regional affairs, the Muslim Brotherhood…and now Hamas…has been allowed to operate to one degree or another by the Jordanian monarchy on a continuous basis. And the Muslim Brotherhood’s political party…the Islamic Action Front…has the largest number of seats of any party in the Jordanian parliament, and uses to their advantage that most…6.4 million…of the roughly seven million people living in Jordan are of Palestinian origin…as in they or their parents were expelled or fled to Jordan in both the 1948 establishment of the State of Israel and in the ’67 Six-Day War with Israel.

Tolerating their actions while other Arab countries such as Egypt ban and dissolve them (this past Saturday Egypt’s highest administrative court dissolved the political party of the previously banned Muslim Brotherhood and ordered its assets liquidated), Jordan’s kings have accepted and even encouraged the Muslim Brotherhood’s presence within its country even if it meant just looking the other way to their ‘questionable’ dealings at times. In fact, in 2008, the Jordanian government banned any existing political or newly formed party unless it had five hundred members and branches in five of its counties. This allowed the Muslim Brotherhood to increase their stronghold throughout the country, and today the Muslim Brotherhood has a large following in Jordan’s major cities, while Hamas has large grassroots support in the Palestinian refugee camps. And while both private and public institutions and businesses have raised millions of dollars for the Palestinians in Gaza, King Abdullah II has donated blood though Hamas to aid those wounded in Gaza, and in Jordanian mosques prayers have been said to commemorate those killed in Gaza by Israel.

Also remember, Jordan is the only Arab country to grant Palestinians the right to Jordanian citizenship (this followed Jordan’s annexation and occupation of the West Bank)…making them by all legal accounts Jordanians…making this fact key to where any nation called ‘Palestine’ should be…even though many (1.4 million) currently continue to live in refugee camps scattered throughout the West Bank and the northern part of Jordan.

Now as far as Jordan’s direct relation with Hamas is concerned, remember, Hamas was founded during the First Intifada (1987-1991)…the first uprising by the Palestinians against Israel after the ’67 war that led to the transfer of the West Bank and Gaza to Israeli control. But when Israel captured these territories they were NOT Palestinian states, but was territory annexed by Jordan after the 1948 war and all residents there were granted Jordanian citizenship. Gaza was annexed by Egypt in 1949, although its residents held a refugee status in Egypt and when Egypt and Israel signed a peace treaty in 1979, Israel actually offered to return Gaza to Egypt but the Egyptians refused NOT wanting the added burden of dealing with the Palestinians. And so Jordan maintained its claim over the West Bank until 1988, when it formally withdrew its right over the territory after conceding to the Palestinian people’s demand for independence…which was voiced through the Intifada…which was voiced though the stones they threw.


So for Jordan siding with Hamas is personal…as in a personal vendetta against Israel for taking over territory that was once theirs…a personal vendetta that must be hush-hushed if King Abdullah II is to remain in power…and know that there are indeed factions within Jordan that most assuredly want him to go. More on that in part-3 of this investigative report.

So as the current situation escalates between Israel and Hamas…as Hamas breaks cease-fire after cease-fire…make notice of the fact that there has been nary a word said or action taken by Jordan in support of Israel. The very country whose outward appearance leads one to believe they side with Israel has in NO way stood up for Israel beyond the simple fact that Israel’s Jordanian ambassador has NOT be expelled…yet that is.

And herein lies the truth of where Jordan’s…of where King Abdullah II true allegiances lie…and that is indeed with the Palestinians…who in fact are Jordanians by all legal and ethnic accounts…and to whom Hamas controls. Simply, if one sides with the Palestinians…with Hamas…one by defacto cannot side with Israel NO matter how many times the media says they do. And that fact holds the key to how to solve the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

Bottom line…King Abdullah II..the very man who supports the Palestinians ‘right of return’…is the lynch pin that is stopping the creation of a Palestinian homeland because he will NOT give up any Jordanian land for the people his own father made citizens…a people who in fact hold ‘yellow cards’ and ‘green cards’… residency permits allowing them to live and work in Israel while they maintain their Jordanian citizenship…is the king who will NOT give up any land to the very people who are actually Jordanian by blood.

And this is where today’s political unrest stems from…in Abdullah’s immense ego fueled on by his need for payback…while at the same time Jordan being where a true and lasting two-state solution could be found.

More on today’s political landscape and how it affects the Israeli/Palestinian conflict will be explained tomorrow in Craig’s Part 2 of our 3-part series, ‘Israel’s Allies and Enemies: The Truth Exposed.’


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