Islamist Terrorism: Czech Republic to legalize private gun ownership

Czech citizen sending rounds down range. (Youtube)

The Czech people are about to have a right re-instated that the overwhelming majority of their fellow Europeans don’t have. Specifically that “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Sound familiar? It should. Those are the very words of our Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

For the law-abiding people of the Czech Republic, after decades of Nazi and then Communist totalitarian repression, the central European nation will finally have the right to protect their hearth and home.

Even then, the right of the people to keep and bear arms is based on the Czechs’ realization that despite years of European Union interference, repressive gun control simply doesn’t work.

Perhaps stating it best would be reporter Ilya Shapiro of the CATO Institute who recently penned;

As a wave of Islamist terror attacks sweep across Europe, London police urge people to “run, hide, tell”. The Czech Republic’s response? Fight back.

Prague gun shop. (Wikimedia Commons)

And fighting back is exactly what the Czechs intend to do. While the rest of Europe wallows in even more gun control being passed in the European Parliament, the Czech’s Lower House of Parliament (Poslanecká sněmovna: Chamber of Deputies) have voted 139-9 to send the bill to the nation’s Senate, according to the Prague newspaper Hospodářské Noviny (Economics News).

As cited by the news service, “The authors of the constitutional draft look forward to a greater involvement of legal gun owners to aid in the defense of the country. They should help as appropriate, especially in case of terrorist attacks, in which they could intervene before the arrival of armed authorities.”

Czech tactical pistol. (Twitter)

In a well-thought through and forceful apologia of personal responsibility and self-protection, Shapiro also noted;

The Czech parliament is working to liberalize the country’s gun laws, allowing people to better defend themselves. The reason for this new policy is safety, as well as practicality; in light of recent attacks in neighboring countries, the Czech government recognizes that disarming people puts them in danger, and that broad European gun control policies are ineffective. The Interior Minister said it best when he asked parliament to “show [him] a single terrorist attack in Europe perpetrated using a legally-owned weapon”.

In contrast, the European Union’s answer to terror is as counterintuitive as it is feckless. France has spearheaded efforts to ban all “military-style” rifles – AR and AK-style rifles, not to be confused with those capable of automatic fire, commonly

Czech ČZ 75 (Wiki)

referred to as “machine guns” – from Europe. As my colleague Dan Mitchell has noted, the EU is violating its own commitment to state sovereignty in favor of radical, unsuccessful gun prohibition.

Despite strict gun control in France, Islamic radicals were still able to obtain rifles and kill 17 people in the Charlie Hebdo attack of 2015. More recently, in places like Nice and London, terrorists have worked around gun restrictions by using trucks and other vehicles to kill civilians.

The Czech Republic, which already boasts 800,000 registered firearms and 300,000 licensed gun owners, is taking proactive steps to avoid their citizens becoming victims without a means of defending themselves. The new measure is a protest against the self-destructive dogma of European gun control and in favor of civil liberties and self-empowerment.

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