Islamic Indoctrination – Marine Veteran Sues School District

 In a story that Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children originally broke in October 2014, La Plata High School’s Islamic homework assignment is now the subject of a lawsuit by the Thomas More Agency. The lawsuit is against the Charles County Public School District in Maryland.

The original incident: a father defended his daughter..and got kicked out

Marine veteran John Kevin Wood and his wife Melissa were horrified on October 22, 2014, when they read their daughter’s homework assignment. It was more like indoctrination than homework, as it required her to recite the “shahada” and Islamic references from the Qu’ran which, in effect, asked her to denounce her own faith.

The shahada: “There is no god but allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of allah.”   

Mr. Wood was understandably angry and called the school to talk to the school administrators who were forcing his daughter to do the assignment…but instead of discussing the issue, they notified him on October 24 that he was banned from the school by a trespass order.

School administrators refused to discuss the matter, and would not allow his daughter to do a different assignment. Basically, she was forced to do it or flunk, which harmed her chances for college scholarships.

Mr. Wood is an 8-year U.S. Marine veteran. As a firefighter, he saw the effects of Islamic terrorists at the World Trade Centers on 9-11-2001.  He served in Desert Storm/Desert Shield. And the La Plata school trespassed him when all he was trying to do was arrange a different lesson for his daughter.

He stated that he was not rude or threatening in any way- that the trespass order was “retaliatory” in nature.

Islam in Public schools – an indoctrination

Numerous parents around the United States have been standing against the indoctrination of their children. The homework brought home by students has been literally shown as indoctrination rather than historical overview. And no such assignments are given regarding ANY other religion such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, or Christianity in the schools around the country.

 islamic indoctrination


The above photos are examples from around the nation of children being indoctrinated toward an Islam that does not exist in real life.

One day spent on Christianity, two weeks on Islam — telling the students that Islam is ‘fact’ and Christianity is just ‘belief.’ These are tools of indoctrination, not teaching the truth of history.

Thomas More lawsuit  

From the press release regarding the lawsuit:

The lawsuit was filed against the Charles County Public Schools, the Board of Education, and the Principal and Vice-Principal of La Plata High School located in La Plata, Maryland.

The Woods’ daughter was forced to profess and to write out the Shahada in worksheets and quizzes.  The Shahada is the Islamic Creed, “There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.”  For non-Muslims, reciting the statement is sufficient to convert one to Islam.  Moreover, the second part of the statement, “Muhammad is the messenger of Allah,” signifies the person has accepted Muhammad as their spiritual leader.  The teenager was also required to memorize and recite the Five Pillars of Islam. 

Charles County Public Schools disparaged Christianity by teaching its 11th grade students, including the Woods’ daughter, that: “Most Muslims’ faith is stronger than the average Christian.”

The Charles County Public Schools also taught the following:

  • “Islam, at heart, is a peaceful
  • “To Muslims, Allah is the same God that is worshiped in Christianity and Judaism.”
  • The Koran states, “Men are the managers of the affairs of women” and “Righteous women are therefore obedient.”

The school’s version of Islam is called “sugar-coated” in the press release, and that is an understatement. The history of Islam has never been “peaceful.”

Looking for a tough ruling against the school

The press release from Thomas More Agency further states:

The Woods’ lawsuit seeks a court declaration that Defendants violated their constitutional and statutory rights, a temporary and permanent injunction barring Defendants from endorsing Islam or favoring Islam over Christianity and other religions, and from enforcing the no trespassing order issued against John Kevin Wood.

We hope that school gets their butt kicked and hard, and it needs to happen more often. If other parents would sue the pants off these schools, then things might start to turn around.

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