Islam MANDATES Jihad Against Non-Muslims: Poisonous Teachings Via Mosques. Patriots, Get Busy!!

Author: Adina Kutnicki

ONE can chant “Islam is a religion of peace” until the cows come home, but said mantra won’t obliterate one iota of its poisonous roots. Wishing doesn’t make it so, nor does jive-talking. Pick your poison.

SO as the leader of the free world spent eight torturous years spouting (and enabling) said dangerous Orwellian-speak, millions upon millions of Allah’s Muslim Terrorists had – and continue to have – the freedom to execute, at will, jihadi attacks within America.

BUT if the epicenter of Islam’s poison is still elusive to countless, dedicated readers of this site should be familiar with its central and core component: their religiously cloaked barracks, their mosques Yes, a clear and present danger. This is the case, whether in America, Turkey, or any other nation in between. No doubt, location, time, and space are irrelevant to Islam’s poisonous teachings. Its roots.

IN this regard, it is critical to pry off the veil of secrecy and anti-western treachery from Islam’s mask via its “prophet” Muhammed’s dictates. Paradoxically, Islam’s worldwide carnage is protected via its religious status. Consequentially, scholars in the West are reluctant to say anything pejorative of a creed that poses – emphasis placed – as a worldwide monotheistic religion.

BUT never mind all that PC nonsense. In fact, it is beyond URGENT to shout from the west’s rooftops: Islam is a unique form of nihilistic paganism, so much so its love of death or necrophilia remains an ineluctable aspect of its theology. Incontestably.

THUS, time is of the essence for desperately needed truth-telling, that which will save America (the west) from the clutches of Islam and the ravages of Allah’s Muslim Terrorists! Resultant, Dave Gaubatz is the Number One counter terror (and Islamic) expert to cut to the core. The heart.

Can One Attend a Mosque & Be a Good Person?

Can a person attend a mosque as a Muslim worshiper and be a good person?  This seems like a simple enough question and 99.9% of non-Muslims would answer ‘of course’.  I feel it is necessary to first define some very basic aspects of Islam that every Muslim who claims to be following Islam must adhere to and advocate for others.

Again, these ten basic aspects of Islam are taught in 100% of mosques, agreed upon by all Muslim scholars, agreed to by both Shia and Sunni Muslims, and followed by all Islamic based countries.  These are not radical beliefs shared by a few, but beliefs shared by all Muslims:
1. There is but one God, and in Islam this spiritual being is referred to as Allah.  Allah is not the same God as the one worshiped by Christians and Jews.
2.  Muslims are not allowed by Sharia law to hold any allegiance to any country or person.  They can only hold allegiance to Islam and Allah.
3.  Islam teaches all Muslims to always be opposite their enemies and their enemies are the Jewish people, Israel, all non-Muslims, and any country or person who supports Israel.
4.  The Muslim male is the head of all Muslim households and he is allowed to punish his children and wife or wife’s physically.
5.  All Muslims must respect and honor the teachings and actions of their leader Mohammed.  Prophet Mohammed married girls as young as six years old.  In 2016, Muslims still believe and advocate the marriage of young girls to elderly men.
6.  Slavery was accepted in Islam from its very beginning, and slavery in 2016 is still allowed in Islamic based countries and caliphates.
7.  Being homosexual is a major crime within Islam and the death penalty can and has been applied to homosexuals for 1400 plus years.  Muslim scholars even today advocate death for homosexuals.
8.  A female Muslim can be stoned to death for sex outside of marriage, and if a Muslim woman claims she was raped and does not have at least four witnesses to prove the rape, she can and has been sentenced to death for bringing disrespect to a Muslim male.
9.  It is a basic obligation of Muslims to support Muslim fighters the world over either by fighting themselves, providing material support such as money or supplies, safe havens, and medical care to the Muslim fighters.
10.  Islam teaches there are three ways of acceptable Jihad.  By the pen such as articles supporting Islam and downgrading and disrespecting their enemies, by the tongue, such as Islamic scholars voicing (through media) their hatred for their enemies, and by the sword, which is taking up arms against their enemies.
Now we get back to my question.  If a person accepts Islam and attends a mosque can they be good people and respectful members of their communities such as in America?  The answer is no.  Any Muslim worshipping at a mosque must at the very least support the 10 aspects of Islam and Sharia law as indicated above.  One can’t advocate and accept child marriages and be a good person.  One can’t call for the killing of Jewish people worldwide and for the destruction of Israel and be a good person.
Anyone who worships at an Islamic mosque must consider all non-Muslims as their enemies.  A good person can’t believe in and advocate this type behavior, but unfortunately this is what is taught in 100% of all mosques.
Do American and America need 4 million Muslims in America who attend mosques and praise their Prophet Mohammed for marrying and raping a six-year-old child (Aisha)?
People must understand that Islam is violent, dangerous, and has never been a peaceful ideology.  Mosques are built as safe havens for the Muslim fighters and their supporters.  Our country must realize this and begin closing all mosques, because all mosques advocate hate and violence.  There is no other way to describe mosques and their worshippers than the way I described.


EVEN so, despite all the accrued (and ensuing) dangers from a preponderance of Muslims in America (the west at large), HUSSEIN’s anti-American wrecking ball has more surprises in store, atop the many thousands of Islamic “refugees” he is shepherding through America’s gates.

MORE specifically, the questions become:

  • How many are aware of Obama Inc.’s plans to set aside a new “racial” class(never mind the fact that Mohammedans are NOT a distinct racial class by any quantifiable or qualitative standard, aside from a PC designed and protected one) for Muslims in America?
  • Inextricably, why isn’t there a collective national uproar – millions upon millions strong – demanding that “we the people” ensure that the government ceases and desists its elevation of Muslims/Islam to the Number One (protected and empowered) group in America?
  • Moreover, what about the out-sized political implications from said special status, the mortal danger it poses to the underpinnings of the nation?


If the Obama regime has its way, there’ll be a new “race” of people on planet Earth — Middle Eastern or North African — USA Today reported on Sunday…..

MIND you, whereas followers of Islam are accorded every advantage imaginable under the preferential and protective umbrella of Judeo-Christian rooted America, HUSSEIN and surrogates are dead silent when it comes to the continuous slaughter of Jews in Israel under the sword and banner of Islam’s barbarians.

NOT only that, what about the plight of millions of Christians throughout these same Middle East and African hell-holes, many of whom are slaughtered, while others run for their lives from an Islamic onslaught? Where is the uproar? Hide nor hare. Still yet, they are blocked from entering America, while Christians nationwide are becoming targets from officialdom and non-elected elitists. 

AGAIN, what’s going on? To wit, when are non-Muslim Americans going to stop the madness, tipping the scales back in favor of the nation’s underpinnings, before its Judeo-Christian roots are forever eviscerated? 

GET BUSY….and forget about relying on officialdom to do the right (no pun intended) thing!


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