ISIS Threatens Christmas Season in Europe, U.S.

Beware of what is going on around you this Christmas season as ISIS has threatened to attack Times Square during the Christmas season as well as various European cities, the Clarion Project has reported.

A disturbing image showing Santa Claus standing on a low roof next to a box of dynamite looking out over a crowd of shoppers in Times Square has been released by the terrorist group.

The poster reads ‘We meet at Christmas in New York… soon’ in black on white.

It’s the latest propaganda image warning of attacks during Christmas time across Europe and the United States.

Clarion Project reported:

The terror group also threatened to attack European cities during the Christmas season, circulating the following image with writing in English, French and German saying, “Soon on your holidays.”

In response, Christmas markets in the UK will be decked out with high security measures. Rings made of steel will surround the markets and shoppers will only be allowed to enter through metal detectors. Officers on the ground will stop and search as necessary and concrete barriers – some made to look like Christmas trees – will be de rigueur.

Last year counter-terrorism forces stopped attempted bombings on Christmas events in Britain and Belgium.

Germany is securing its Christmas markets in an effort to avoid an attack like last years truck ramming of a Berlin Christmas market that killed 12 people and injured 56.

Concrete barriers wrapped up as giant gift packages will be a feature of the country’s Christmas markets as well as 1.2 ton pellet bags similarly wrapped.

Already in Germany, six Syrian men suspected to be affiliated with ISIS, were arrested earlier this month after authorities said they had evidence that the men were planning coordinated attacks on the anniversary of the Berlin attack, December 19.

Authorities say the attacks were to be carried out with “weapons and explosives” and their target may have been a Christmas market in Essen in northwestern Germany.

As a result, the U.S. State Department issued a travel alert to all U.S. citizens warning of the “heightened risk of terrorist attacks” in Europe during the holiday season.

Whether or not ISIS will carry out any threats remains to be seen… but always be on the lookout for anything that appears to be out of place.

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