ISIS Propaganda Video Shows Baby-Faced Terrorist Blowing Himself Up

An ISIS propaganda video has been released showing a baby-faced terrorist in his mid-teens blowing himself up during an attack on Syrian military vehicles.  The tiny terrorist was strapped in and then instructed by an adult terrorist on how to detonate his lethal vehicle.  The boy appears emotionless as he prepares to die, which is a sad commentary on the hopelessness in countries taken over by the terrorist organization known as ISIS.

Syrian military vehicles dug themselves into position prepared for the attack.  As of now, the video is not publicly available although there are some still frames that have been released.  It is not known how successful the little boy was on his mission.

From The UK Sun

Drone footage shows the target – Syrian military vehicles dug into a position
A twisted adult jihadi appears to show him how to operate the death-dealing motor.

Footage from a drone reveals several Syrian military vehicles dug into a position in the sand before the attack.

A huge mushroom cloud can then be seen over the outpost as the suicide bomber detonates his lethal payload close to the city of Deir Ezzor.

The youngster betrays no emotion in the photos taken just moments before he met his death.

The vile terror group is known to drug fighters up with the tranquiliser Zolam which it seized from hospitals so they do not back out of the deadly missions.

Another teen suicide bomber who was captured by Kurdish forces before he could detonate his bomb previously revealed the use of the anti-anxiety drug.

He said: “That drug makes your mind not your own.

“If they give you a suicide belt and tell you to blow yourself up, you’ll do it.”

ISIS is now known to be so short of fighters that the group is using kids, the elderly and disabled to bolster its numbers.

The constant bombardment and attacks on the forces have taken a toll on ISIS and has greatly reduced its ranks, despite assurances from liberals that killing terrorists is an inducement for more men to join the their ranks.  As a result, the terrorist group is increasing the number of children being used as suicide bombers.

They actually run schools to teach children how to blow themselves and the enemy up at the same time and in many cases the father of the young terrorist is the one sending the son off to die.

 A child suicide bomber is shown how to blow himself up before being sent to die

 A huge cloud reaches into the sky after the bomber detonates his explosives

From The Huffington Post

 In Afghanistan, the Taliban has long used children. One 14-year-old bomber on a bicycle hit the Kabul NATO base in 2012 killing six people; two years later a teenager blew himself up at French cultural center in the Afghan capital.

Researchers and officials say Islamic State and other militants are now increasingly using the same tactics, perhaps to build ranks depleted by losses, preserve adult fighters or simply catch security forces off guard.

In West Africa, Boko Haram has preyed on displaced children or young girls it kidnapped to force them to become bombers. In Iraq and Syria, activists say Islamic State took in children from towns it captures or recruited families to its territory, and indoctrinated their children in its schools and camps.

Islamic State in particular, highlights its child recruits for its “Cubs of the Caliphate” brigades, publishing images and videos on social media of children receiving training and indoctrination, and carrying out bombings or executions.


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