ISIS magazine: If Islam ruled America ‘the lucrative African slave trade would have continued’

ISIS magazine cover.
ISIS magazine cover.

In the July 2016 issue of the ISIS-published magazine Dabiq, don’t let the slick and rather professional look fool you. The words between the covers are just as vile and hate-filled as everything else they’ve laid their hands upon.

An excellent example in the latest issue is the last article entitled “By The Sword.” It’s made abundantly clear by the Islamic jihadist terrorist group how the world would be a very different place if Islam had defeated Christendom centuries ago:

“The clear difference between Muslims and the corrupt and deviant Jews and Christians is that Muslims are not ashamed of abiding by the rules sent down from their Lord regarding war and enforcement of divine law.

So if it were the Muslims, instead of the Crusaders, who had fought the Japanese and Vietnamese or invaded the lands of the Native Americans, there would have been no regrets in killing and enslaving those therein. And since those mujahidin would have done so bound by the Law, they would have been thorough and without some ‘politically correct’ need to apologize years later.”

When it comes to a world dominated by Islam, ISIS spills the beans on how they would have dealt with the headstrong and stubborn Japanese, Vietnamese , American Indians and Jews:

“The Japanese, for example, would have been forcefully converted to Islam from their pagan ways – and if they stubbornly declined, perhaps another nuke would change their mind.

The Vietnamese would likewise be offered Islam or beds of napalm.

As for the Native Americans – after the slaughter of their men, those who would favor smallpox to surrendering to the Lord – then the Muslims would have taken their surviving women and children as slaves, raising the children as model Muslims and impregnating their women to produce a new generation of mujahidin.

As for the treacherous Jews of Europe and elsewhere – those who would betray their covenant – then their post-pubescent males would face a slaughter that would make the Holocaust sound like a bedtime story, as their women would be made to serve their husbands’ and fathers’ killers.

When it comes to the Atlantic Slave Trade of centuries past, those of Sub-Saharan African lineage from Barrio del Once in Buenos Aires to those in St. John’s, Nova Scotia may find the following outlook somewhat interesting:

“Furthermore, the lucrative African slave trade would have continued, supporting a strong economy.

The Islamic leadership would not have bypassed Allah’s permission to sell captured pagan humans, to teach them, and to convert them, as they worked hard for their masters in building a beautiful country.

Notably, of course, those of them who converted, practiced their religion well, and were freed would be treated no differently than any other free Muslim.”


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