ISIS details the Paris attacks and describes their expansion plans

ISIS details the Paris attacks and describes their expansion plans
“Black Flags From the Islamic State (ISIS)”

The Islamic terrorists who launched the Paris attacks in November had modeled their assault on terror tactics developed by Al-Qaida in Iraq, which is now the Islamic State (ISIS), during the Iraq War, according to a new Islamic State e-book, “Black Flags From the Islamic State”, John Rossomando of the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT) reported.

Last week, The Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT) had exposed the 130-page e-book, which details the extensive planning that went into the Paris attacks and describes how plotters evaded detection by Western intelligence, an issue that has been brought up on the mainstream media such as the Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

The WSJ reported that French law-enforcement authorities had Hasna Aït Boulahcen, one of the attackers, in sight long before the attacks and found out days later that Boulahcen was the cousin of Abdelhamid Abaaoud, who was a notorious Islamic State operative suspected of directing the Islamic terrorist attack that killed 130 people.

Concerning the ISIS terrorist e-book, it details the history of the Islamic State’s emergence from Al-Qaeda and what its plans for the future, and how it operates. The e-book claims that least 200 operatives in undisclosed locations who worked for two months undetected.

The “Black Flags From the Islamic State” e-book further claims, “This has shocked the Intelligence agencies and many European countries are thinking of closing their borders so future Mujahideen cannot escape to neighboring countries easily. (The praise is for Allah: While the Islamic State is smashing borders in the Muslim world, the European Union is crumbling and returning to the Darker Ages of enforced borders).”

“The aim of [ISIS leader] Abu Bakr [Al-Baghdadi] was to use the Iraqi Jihad model in Syria, and once it worked there, to export this model across the entire Muslim world for newer Jihads, the “Black Flags From The Islamic State”, continues. “Jihadis in the West are advised to study and copy the sleeper-cell tactics used by Iraqi insurgents. They should start with lone-wolf attacks to inspire others to join the cause. As more people join the cause, the jihad will shift toward using sleeper cells and ultimately morph into an insurgent army.”

“Once the insurgency is in full action, the Organisation leader can tell his subleaders to organize full scale attacks,” Black Flags From the Islamic State said. “Stay off the phone, avoid using ATMs, use cars that don’t belong to you and travel at night. If they lose, ISIS leadership plans to hide in the deserts and mountains again, only to start the Lone Wolf -> Clandestine Cells -> Insurgency -> Army technique, all over again.”

Rossomando also noted that Former Canadian intelligence operative Mubin Shaikh, who infiltrated and brought down the Toronto 18 jihadist plot, expresses skepticism about the 200 number.

Shaikh said, “ISIS propagandists often exaggerate. The Paris attacks could have been done with far fewer operatives. You need to keep better tabs on people.” Shaikh further stated in reference to intercepting jihadist’s trying to blend in among the refugee flow, “I don’t know if it’s going to require bio-metric passports because that’s the only thing they can do if these guys are slipping out and slipping back in, it has to be at that point of exit and entry.”

“It means having a fingerprint scan associated to your passport. I don’t think that will be a problem in France because they already are surveillance-heavy as it is. Strong human-intelligence gathering is vital”

The inability to gather adequate human intelligence may have resulted in part from a political backlash against the Bush administration’s policies, a former high-ranking E.U. intelligence officer, who asked his name not be disclosed, had told IPT. Political lobbies and left-of-center prosecutors in Europe pushed for policies that destroyed whatever work had been done to infiltrate terrorist groups, recruit trusted sources and arrest jihadist’s to obtain information.

“These lobbyists exploited civil-rights fears about jihadist renditions, a policy also used during the Clinton administration which curtailed the ability to get needed information. President Obama’s election and the end of the surge in Iraq marked a turning point for the worse in the West’s ability to gather intelligence,” the source told IPT.

IPT noted that in the e-book, it showed that Al-Qaeda had used the same tactics, now being used by ISIS of pretending to be non-Muslim or non-practicing Muslims to evade detection by Pakistani intelligence and the CIA following the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan in 2001.

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