ISIS…a creation of Obama’s doing

“But I want to see a strategy.”

– New House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy speaking about Obama’s Iraq strategy

Saying that nobody in Washington wants to send U.S. troops into Iraq right now, new House Majority leader Kevin McCarthy stressed that a military option does need to be kept on the table, but as I see it the main problem with Iraq right now is that Obama and his administration lack NOT only a clear plan on exactly what to do but any plan at all.

Sending in 300 military advisers who like before will have their hands tied behind their back in regards to anything but trying to win the ‘hearts and minds’ of the enemy is absolutely NO response…is absolutely NO plan…to help stop the forward moving incursion of ISIS…especially in light of the fact that over the past 48 hours the ISIS flag now flies over yet another four Iraqi towns as they move southeast towards Baghdad itself.

ISIS…believed to currently have about 10,000 fighters in Iraq and Syria…with their numbers growing daily…is led by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, a known terrorist freed by Obama in 2009, who upon his release vowed to “see you in New York,” and I guarantee you it was NOT to go sightseeing. And while NOT the head of ISIS at the time of his release, Obama still willingly chose to free a man…a terrorist…who had a $10 million reward already placed on him by the FBI for information leading to his capture or death.

So as al-Baghdadi and his ISIS forces will most likely soon take the entirety of the mostly Sunni Anbar province, they now control…as much needed bases for redeployment…Al-Qaim (situated on the Syrian border), Rawa, Anah, and Husaybah (62 miles from Baghdad). And with the Iraqi army abandoning the area’s command center, their bases, and their weapons, there is NOTHING in ISIS’ way to stop them from reaching their goal of creating a totally sharia compliant state. And with these four towns situated alongside a main highway from Syria to Baghdad…a highway soon to be littered with the headless corpses of any who oppose them…it now becomes easy for them to sweep in from the west and lay siege on Baghdad itself.


And add into this mix that ISIS has already taken over the town of Rutba, located on the main road between Baghdad and Jordan…a mere 90 miles from Jordan’s border. Remember too that ISIS has vowed to kill King Abdullah II and topple the Jordanian monarch because of his close economic ties and friendship with Israel, and by taking Rutba they can easily send cells into Jordan to try and do just that.

But NO worries for all is well because Obama has sent in 300 military advisers to shore up the problem…but it’s more like 300 military advisers who will soon be without their heads.

And the problems in Iraq go even deeper than just the ISIS incursion for everyone forgets the third party in the mix…the Kurds to the north. The Kurds who Shi’ite Saddam Hussein gassed and who Shi’ite al-Maliki pays little mind to now have security forces in Iraq…at a checkpoint about 12 miles from Kirkuk…a city the Kurds now control after the Iraqi Army fled…a city rich in oil and oil revenues.

Remember, what the Kurds want more than anything is their own state free of Iraq and anyone else trying to hold dominion over them. And if they can defend their borders while NOT getting dragged too deeply into Iraq’s Sunni vs. Shi’ite battle, the Kurds could be the biggest winners in this whole assorted mess, seeing their dream of uniting the Kurdish minorities from Syria, Iraq, Turkey, and Iran into one Kurdish state becoming a reality. But that can only happen if they play their cards right…and only if they can bring the oil rich city of Kirkuk under permanent Kurdish control after the Iraqi crisis has abated one way or the other.

And know that the Iraq crisis will indeed abate after time even as the death toll continues to rise, for it’s in the natural scope of things that all things…even war…eventually come to an end. Iraq will either fall completely into the hands of the ISIS insurgents or Iraq will push back with or without U.S. help. And while it has become apparent that the Iraqis most likely cannot do it alone NO matter how many times Obama spews that this is an Iraqi internal political issue…that this is all al-Maliki’s fault because he has ignored Sunni concerns and governed solely in the interests of the Shi’ite majority…the advances by ISIS have actually now merged the wars in Syria and Iraq into one hellish battle.

And these battles are indeed joined together as one for the simple fact is that when ISIS took control of certain northwestern Iraqi towns that it made it possible for ISIS to continue to fight Syrian troops while at the same time being able to safely retreat to Iraq ‘rear areas’ to regroup, and that when fighting Iraqis they could go to Syria to do the same thing. And Obama cannot continue to ignore this fact for if he does the entire Middle East will go up in flames. And might I add flames of his own doing for it’s his Middle East policies…or lack thereof…that have caused this problem in the first place.

Always remember, by Obama’s announcing the date of our Iraqi pullout ISIS was given the time to turn itself from the then floundering ‘al-Qaeda in Iraq’ into the well-financed, well-organized, and highly effective fighting force that it is now, and that they were able to do so on their time table NOT on Obama’s…as they now were given the chance to lay low and regroup until they saw just the right time and opportunity to move in…which of course they did.
So as Obama keeps insisting that there is NO military solution alone to the Iraq crisis…as he continues to say that he has NOT demanded al-Maliki’s resignation but that he wants some form of government of national unity (like the Iraqis care what he wants)…as he had Joe ‘foot-in-mouth’ Biden speak to al-Maliki as well as to his Sunni rival parliamentary speaker Osama al-Nujaifi, and to Masoud Barzani, the president of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region, about unity against ISIS and the need to form an inclusive government (guess he wants ISIS in that government)…as John ‘Swiftboat’ Kerry is soon to arrive in Iraq to screw things up even more…Israel remains on alert for what happens in Iraq could be the lynch-pin to unleash full-fledged war against them.

And I can assure you Obama and his cronies will NOT like the outcome of that war one little bit…and that my friends is the only bit of happiness in this whole assorted mess.



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