ISIS Cellmate Carves Slogan into Army Veteran’s Face

A 40 year old Australian Army veteran is in an induced coma after an ISIS sympathizer poured boiling water on his face and carved an ISIS motto into his forehead. Authorities had placed him in the same jail cell with a Muslim teen, Bourhan Hraichie, 18, who was known to be radical. Within an hour of placing them in the same cell…

they heard screams.

Kempsey Prison is in New South Wales (NSW), Australia, about 260 miles north of Sydney. Authorities at the prison placed the veteran and a known ISIS follower together in the same cell. They knew Hraichie was a radical because he had drawn a picture of an ISIS flag on his cell wall.

The alarm

When prison guards arrived at the cell, they found the Army veteran had been tortured. The jihadist put a towel over his face and poured boiling water on it, and used a sharp object to carve an ISIS motto into his forehead. The slogan, “e4e” means “eye for an eye,”  and features prominently in ISIS messages. He had also been choked until he fell unconscious.


The veteran is in an induced coma at Port Macquarie hospital with serious injuries to his head and sternum and burns to his face.  He is a veteran of UN peacekeeping forces.

“If you are radicalised and at risk of engaging in violent extremism, you need to be locked up…You need to be very highly controlled.” Peter Severin, NSW Corrective Services Commissioner

Peter Severin relieved the prison manager, Greg Steele, from his post and started an investigation. An independent investigation into the management of radicalized prisoners has also been launched.

A day late and a dollar short for the soldier who was stuck in a cell with a Muslim maniac, an ISIS cellmate. The soldier was a low risk inmate, one whose crimes were things like violating protective orders.

Hraichie was moved to solitary confinement at a maximum security facility in Goulburn, Australia. Police said he had been charged with causing grievous bodily harm” and choking the former soldier until he went unconscious. The charges carry a maximum sentence of 10 years each. He is set to appear in court on  May 23 for the latest charges.

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