ISIS and Al Qaeda Have Uranium and Guess Who They Want To Sell It To

uraniumThe Somalian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Yusuf Garaad Omar, sent a letter to U.S Ambassador to Somalia Stephen Schwartz, in which he states that the al Shabaab terror network, an Al Qaeda affiliate, has teamed up with ISIS and is capturing territory in Somalia, rich in uranium mines.

To make it worse, the uranium is on the surface and doesn’t need heavy equipment to retrieve it.  He claims they are currently strip mining the ore and unless the United States intervenes, they will be able to supply Iran with huge quantities of the material.

In the letter Omar said:

“Only the United States has the capacity to identify and smash Al-Shabaab elements operating within our country. The time for surgical strikes and limited engagement has passed, as Somalia’s problems have metastasized into the World’s problems.  Every day that passes without intervention provides America’s enemies with additional material for nuclear weapons. There can be no doubt that global stability is at stake.”

Three days before he left office, Barack Obama approved the sale of 130 tons of uranium from Russia to Iran, which is enough to make 10 nuclear bombs.  Ironically, much of the uranium Russia shipped them could have been mined in the United States.

That’s because Hillary Clinton signed off on the sale of US uranium to Russia in exchange for $145 million in contributions to the Clinton Foundation.  Russia receives 20 percent of all uranium mined in the United States.

Somalia wants the United States to send in bombers for a surgical strike on the terrorists, noting that Al Qaeda and ISIS controlling large amounts of uranium is a danger to the United States and the rest of the world.

Of course, Somalia needs to get rid of the terrorists inside their borders and they do not have the ability to do it themselves.  Nevertheless, they do have a point.  The problem President Trump has is that the Democrats are perfectly willing to have Iran take possession of the uranium as long as they can use it to their political advantage.

An article at The Blaze notes:

 President Donald Trump has been vocally opposed to the continuation of the Iran nuclear deal, but his administration has twice recertified it, despite strong objections from Trump himself, most recently in July. For the record, the United Nations has said Iran is complying with the deal, so far.

However, if there is any truth to the assertion that Iran will accept uranium from ISIS and Al Qaeda, the United States could be facing a massive national security threat, adding on to issues with North Korea, Russia, and conflicts ongoing in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria.

The U.S. State Department had no comment on the letter Thursday, but did not dispute that it was authentic, according to Fox News.

What do you think?  Should the United States send in bombers and other assets to separate the terrorists from the rich uranium deposits and what should the president do if the Democrats and the mainstream press objects and calls for his impeachment….again?  Let us know.  Leave a comment on what you feel Trump should do in both situations.


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