ISIS, Al Qaeda cheer Dallas shootings, encourage more attacks

ISIS, Al Qaeda cheered the Dallas shootings, encouraged moreIt’s been noted by many that there appears to be something of an informal alliance between leftist agitators like Black Lives Matter and radical Islamists like those in ISIS and al Qaeda.  That notion seemed to have gotten a bit of a boost on Friday when an article at the Foreign Desk said that jihadis online are cheering the Dallas shooting and are actually calling for more attacks against the “oppressors,” meaning police officers.

According to the Foreign Desk:

In private forum messages seen by The Foreign Desk, both ISIS and Al Qaeda acknowledged the Dallas attacks and encouraged their audience to be inspired to do more.

In an Al Qaeda forum, a jihadi writes the attacks “by the grace of Allah 4 officers dead inshAllah” and says, “After all the mass murders the kuffars (blasphemers) have done in Muslim lands, pleasing to see them sniping each other.”

“We may think of using this ‘racism’ topic as an opportunity to increase the division of the kuffar through propaganda and instigate more attacks on them!” he writes.

He explicitly instructs followers to “make propaganda pictures and inspiring media works to instigate more black ppl (people) attacking the US govt.”

“Are all the ‘Black’ Criminals? Or it’s just #America is the Terrorist?” added the United Cyber Caliphate, a self-proclaimed “hacking” group linked to ISIS that recently published “kill lists” of targets for Islamic radicals.

So it now appears that the black militant groups urging followers to kill more cops, along with their leftist allies, are actually doing the work of ISIS.

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Can we declare them to be domestic terrorists now?



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