ISIS addresses U.S. president, beheads more hostages

ISIS addresses U.S. president, beheads more hostages
(ISIS Murderer speech to Obama; source dailymail.co.uk)

U.S. Delta Force and the Kurdish Peshmurga Special Forces conducted raids at a prison near Hawija, Iraq, where hostages were held and faced a mass execution by ISIS, the Islamic radical devils who have taken large areas of Iraq and Syria.  Now, an ISIS radical who speaks perfect English, beheaded four hostages and has threatened U.S. President Barack Obama.

The U.S.-led raid killed 20 terrorists, arrested six ISIS terrorists, rescued 70 Iraqi hostages, and that upset the radical Muslim murderers, who in turn, addressed President Obama and said the beheadings were what they called ‘revenge’ as the murderers stood over four hostages who were executed shortly after the murderer’s speech.

In the graphic video, the ISIS murderer stated, “Obama, you have learned a new lesson… six of the soldiers of the caliphate faced 400 of your children; they killed and injured them by Allah’s grace.”

ISIS Threat to Obama Video

Back in May 2015, Vocative reported that ISIS threatened Obama, Christians, and the U.S., due to a military strike deep in ISIS territory that killed senior leader Abu Sayyaf.  One ISIS supporter responded by saying, “If they took Abu Sayyaf, we will take Obama.”   The message was posted in the hours after the raid, which took place near the eastern Syrian city of al-Amr.  “If your goal is killing Abu Sayyaf then our goal is killing Obama and the worshipers of the cross… we have attacks coming against you.”

Defense Secretary Ash Carter was pleased that the mission to kill Abu Sayyaf was a success and stated, “No U.S. forces were killed or injured during the operation, which represented “another significant blow”. “And it is a reminder that the United States will never waver in denying safe haven to terrorists who threaten our citizens, and those of our friends and allies.”

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