Is there a Coronavirus pandemic, or just hysteria? Or both?

President Donald Trump is under intense pressure to “do something” while the coronavirus panic spreads. (C-SPAN snip)

During his first inauguration speech just over 87 years ago, on March 4, 1933, Franklin D. Roosevelt told the country, “So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is…fear itself — nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.”

Coronavirus is shattering the economy. Retirees or those looking to retire are seeing their retirement accounts disappear in a cloud of Wall Street panic. Businesses, especially restaurants, are closing their doors because nobody wants to risk dining out.
Taverns seem to be open, though.

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee. (YouTube, KCTS)

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee just ordered all K-12 public and private schools to shut down through April 24, according to the Seattle Times. Of the people who have died in the United States, most have been in Washington State’s King County. While many people have tried to politicize the pandemic—blaming it on the Trump administration—others might wonder why there isn’t a bit of blame sharing with the local government, which is under Democrat control.

The Seattle Times is reporting a study which suggests “that if the spread of the novel coronavirus is not slowed, there could be 25,000 infections in King and Snohomish counties by April 7, with 400 of those people likely to die.”

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the World Health Organization is being quoted by Fox News explaining, “Eighty percent of those who are infected with the new coronavirus (COVID-19) will have cases involving mild symptoms.”

WHO spokesman Tarik Jasarevic said Thursday “there are basic things you can do to protect yourself, to protect your community.”

Wash your hands.

“We know how this virus is being transmitted,” Jasarevic said. “We know that you will get infected by introducing the virus through your nose, mouth, ear. And, that will happen most likely by touching your face with your hands after you have picked up the virus on some surface.”

Running down to Costco to buy cases of toilet paper is not going to provide a cure, or even a vaccine.

“If you are coughing,” he stated, “if you have a fever, if you feel tired, and you think that you have been exposed to COVID-19, stay at home. We know that 80 percent of the people who are infected will have a mild disease that may go through — the person can go through the disease just by staying home and protecting others.”

Social media is busier than a petri dish full of bacteria. Former Vice President Joe Biden, trying to blame President Trump in a Wilmington, Delaware speech, complained about “misjudgments that have been taken thus far by the Trump administration.” Biden called for a “decisive public health response to curb the spread of the disease and to provide treatment to those who need it.”

What does he think the administration has been doing? Or not doing? According to Fox News, Biden suggested a “decisive economic response to deliver real relief to American works, families, and small businesses that protects the economy.”

The president has tweeted “a series of charts…explaining safety precautions Americans can take to avoid becoming infected by the coronavirus,” Fox news reported.

“The charts…include tips for home, work, school and other locations, advise people to wash their hands thoroughly, adjust any unnecessary travel or plans, and avoid going to work or school if you feel sick.”

The president also suspended flights between the U.S. and European continents.


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