Is Rep. Clyburn fibbing that Dems never opposed Voter ID? Wa-Po says so

Rep. James Clyburn

Congressman Jim Clyburn, Democrat House Majority Whip from South Carolina, is taking some heat from the Washington Post Fact Checker over his insistence that Democrats have never opposed Voter ID.

The veteran Democrat received “Four Pinocchios” from Fact Checker Glenn Kessler, according to Fox News, whose own Neil Cavuto questioned Clyburn. The congressman again denied he had opposed Voter ID, even providing personal remembrance about how he has always identified himself when voting.

But Kessler reached back to report how “Clyburn himself spoke out against South Carolina’s 2013 photo ID law,” Fox reported.

As reported by the cable news channel, “Clyburn is trying to have his cake and eat it, too,” Kessler wrote. “He routinely decries ‘voter ID’ laws, but at the same time he insisted on Fox News that he has never opposed such laws — and that every Democrat has supported them. In reality, he appears to be against many types of voter ID laws — ones that require photos, or a fee for a photo or which favor one voting group over another.

“In other words,” Kessler added, “he’s playing word games. He supposedly is for voter identification but against most of the voter ID laws being adopted by states …

According to Kessler, “You cannot claim one day that voter ID is a new kind of poll tax and then, on another day, say every Democrat is for voter ID.” Then Kessler gave Clyburn the Four Pinocchio rating, tantamount to calling him the king of canards.

Last month, Fox News reported on a national survey that found broad public support for voter ID requirements. The survey was done by Monmouth University, and according to Fox, “Eight out of 10 of those questioned in the poll support requiring voter ID, including 91% of Republicans, 87% of independents and 62% of Democrats.”

This brings up an interesting dilemma for Democrats, because photo identification is required for all sorts of other things, including the purchase of firearms, which is an exercise of the right to keep and bear arms protected by the Second Amendment. Manu gun rights activists have openly wondered on social media why anyone should be required to show photo ID to buy a gun, when Democrats seem so opposed to requiring the same degree of evidence in order to vote.


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