Is Biden Set To Shaft Our Pregnant Fighter Pilots?

In combat, we seek to create an environment for war-fighters that allows them to focus on the single objective of defeating the enemy. Even the slightest distraction, especially in today’s technologically advanced world of weaponry demanding full attention, can prove deadly. Imagine, therefore, a woman in combat whose pregnancy distracts her or others serving with her from fully focusing upon their war-fighting priority as they worry about the health impacts upon an unborn child. Such concerns are real as determined below.

Battlefield stress, for example, can trigger a premature birth or otherwise impact upon a fetus. (Note: Since Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson has confused the gender issue by being unable to define what a “woman” is, the term as used herein means a biological female – i.e., one programmed from birth to return the favor rather than a transgender woman, who is not.)

In a recent interview about his new movie, director James Cameron boasted his film “Avatar: The Way of Water,” which debuted Dec. 16, empowers women as its character “Neytiri” is a pregnant warrior. He claimed such is the “last bastion” to absolute female empowerment. Criticizing testosterone as a “toxin” in need of being worked out of the male body, Cameron apparently envisioned pregnant female warriors as helping to do so. Cameron’s comment subsequently triggered an article posing concerns “an identity politics-obsessed military will eventually put pregnant women in war zones.”

While no law bans women in today’s military from serving in combat, prior to 2003 they had largely been kept out of ground combat. But wars in Afghanistan and Iraq demonstrated the battlefront could quickly shift – a realization underscored when the first female warrior, Army Pfc. Jessica Lynch, was taken prisoner in 2003 upon just such a battlefield in Iraq. Fortunately for her, eight days later she was rescued by U.S. Special Operations forces.

In 2013, upon the recommendation of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS), Defense Secretary Leon Penetta decided to lift the combat ban against women, opening up 237,000 positions to them across all the services, which were given until January 2016 to provide any special exceptions. Thereafter, women were allowed to serve in ground combat positions at the battalion level but, as one senior defense official made clear, “We are moving in the direction of women as infantry soldiers.” Armed Services Chair Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., supported Panetta’s decision with the statement, “It reflects the reality of 21st century military operations.”

But a reality of military policy still kept sacred an unwillingness for pregnant women to serve in combat roles to any extent possible. However, a recent initiative by President Joe Biden involving the U.S. Air Force (USAF) suggests he may be eager to put an end to its policies directing special consideration to the health risks tactical aviation places upon pregnant women. His initiative to undercut these policies is unsurprising as he has presented himself as an anti-child president, evidenced by his pro-abortion stand, support for transgender surgeries for children and weird propensity to sniff the hair of young girls.

The 1992 Presidential Commission on the Assignment of Women in the Armed Forces researched the matter of health issues to which pregnant women might be more susceptible, determining several existed. For example, it was found, “During early pregnancy, a developing embryo/fetus undergoes complex morphological changes that can be detrimentally altered by high intensity vibration, noise, and cosmic ionizing radiation at high altitudes. High noise intensity has been associated with development of sensorineural hearing loss, prematurity, and intrauterine growth retardation. Overexposure to short and long wave radiation has been cited for worsened pregnancy outcomes, including a higher rate of congenital malformation, low birth weight, infertility, and spontaneous abortion.”

Thus the USAF implemented policies – voluntarily accepted by pregnant pilots – to limit the impact of the disproportionate health risks to which they would normally be exposed. With 10% of female USAF pilots being pregnant at any one time, about 400 were impacted by these flight restrictions last year.

But, under Biden’s leadership, the Air Force is now investing in maternity flight suits, suggesting a quiet push is underway to get pregnant pilots back into the cockpit. Because squadrons do not receive replacements for pilots on maternity leave, with such absences possibly stretching to two years, combat efficiency is greatly reduced. This obviously reflects poorly upon our commander in chief ,who seems willing to screw our pregnant female warrior pilots, exposing their unborn children to damaging health risks, just to be able to claim improved combat efficiency.

Despite Cameron’s claim that pregnant warriors represent the last bastion of female empowerment, a 1995 satirical article published in a professional naval magazine described a scenario taking things even further. It fictionalized a military parent-friendly program by which nurseries for children of crew members were provided onboard warships.

In 1995, the above scenario was seen as an absolute absurdity. However, in 2023, with a president in office whose social policies already endanger born and unborn children and a compliant JCS unwilling to challenge their woke commander in chief, nothing impacting negatively upon pregnant warriors seems beyond the pale. And, who knows, with such civilian and military leadership in place, the absurdity of warship nurseries may not seem so absurd.

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