Iraqi MP says ISIS fed starving sex slave her own child’s corpse — Video

On Thursday, Breitbart.com reported that Vian Dakhil, a member of Iraq’s Parliament, recalled a horrific atrocity during an interview on Egyptian TV channel Extra News.  According to Dakhil, radicals with ISIS fed a starving sex slave the body of her own one-year-old child’s corpse.

“One of the women whom we managed to retrieve from ISIS said that she was held in a cellar for three days without food or water,” she said.  “Afterwards, they brought her a plate of rice and meat. She ate the food because she was very hungry.”

“When she was finished they said to her: ‘We cooked your one-year-old son that we took from you, and this is what you just ate,’” she added, wiping tears from her eyes.

Breitbart added:

Yazidis, a religious minority community native to Northern Iraq, have been the victims of mass persecution at the hands of the Islamic State, who consider them devil worshippers. Last year, the United Nations determined that Islamic State crimes against Yazidis should be classified as genocide.

During the interview, Dakhil revealed further atrocities committed by the terrorist organization, such as the gang rape of girls as young as ten.

“One of the girls said that they took six of her sisters. Her younger sister, a ten-year-old girl, was raped to death in front of her father and sisters. She was ten years old,” she said. “The question that we ask ourselves is: “Why? Why did these savages do this to us?”

Dakhil’s account moved the interviewer as well, as you can see in the video below, translated by MEMRI:

This isn’t the first report of its kind as we noted here and here.

In February, the UK Daily Mail noted:

ISIS chiefs even give advice on what parts of the body to eat and how to prepare them and comes after a sickening report a mother was fed the remains of her own son when she was told by the terrorists it was meat and rice.

The memo was discovered by the Quilliam Foundation and its chief executive Haras Rafiq revealed cannibalism was on the curriculum

He said if there are no food supplies available during what they describe as a time of jihad, terrorists were encouraged to kill non-Muslims or Muslims who do not share their version of Islam for food.

“As a Muslim, I find it utterly revolting. They even give advice on the parts to eat and how to prepare the flesh,” Rafiq said, according to a report at the Daily Star.  “These views on cannibalism are not mainstream but they are gaining traction.”

In 2015, we reported that ISIS militants were said to have tricked a distraught mother into eating her own son:

The report was relayed to the UK Sun by 36-year-old Yasir Abdulla, who left Yorkshire to fight ISIS in his Kurdish homeland.

“I hate IS because of what happened to an old Kurdish woman from a nearby tribe,” he said. “Her son was captured by IS fighters and taken as a prisoner to Mosul. She was determined to find her son and went to IS headquarters and asked to see him.”

According to Abdulla, the militants told her to rest after her long journey and offered her food before taking her to her son.

“They brought her cups of tea and fed her a meal of cooked meat, rice and soup. She thought they were kind,” he said.“But they had killed him and chopped him up and after she finished the meal and asked to see her son they laughed and said, ‘You’ve just eaten him,’” Abdulla told The Sun.

The Daily Mail explains:

Most of the several hundred thousand members of the minority live in northern Iraq, mainly around Sinjar, a large town which anti-ISIS forces have now retaken but was largely destroyed.

In 2014, ISIS jihadists captured Yazidi women and turned them into sex slaves to be sold and exchanged across their self-proclaimed ‘caliphate’.

Around 3,000 of them are believed to remain in captivity. A number of mass Yazidi graves were uncovered in 2015.

Breitbart further said that ISIS “had also conducted chemical weapons experiments on live human beings, described as reminiscent of Nazi Germany,” citing a report at The Times.  Another survivor reportedly witnessed ISIS terrorists cutting open a pregnant captive and consequently raping her baby before raping her as well, Breitbart added.


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