Iran’s Hitlerite Regime Unleashed: A Bird’s-Eye View

WELL intentioned or not, it is chiefly those living (with the exception of honest brokers intimately involved/covering events from “ground zero”) in the eye of the Islamic jihadi storm, that is, Israelis, who should take the journalistic lead. For until one experiences what it is like to spend hours/days on end in a safe room, a/k/a mamad, “the better part of valor is discretion.” Yes, “silence is golden.”

NOT only that, but for the heretofore unseen techno wizardry of army-trained Israeli defense contractors – with ELBIT and RAFAEL taking the lead – Iran’s firestorm of Ballistic Missiles, Cruise Missiles, UAV’s, etc., the outcome would have been an absolute disaster, regardless of U.S. participation. Effectively, it was the following systems which gave shield and cover to all those beating back the Hitlerite onslaught.





ADDITIONALLY, other land/air/sea platforms developed in Israel joined in. All in all, a feat like none other!!

IN light of the above, Biden, Inc./Obama 3.0 has the utter audacity to dictate terms to Israel’s PM; as per what, if any, response Israel should deploy! Imagine that. It is as if any country in the world would allow said annihilatory intended onslaught to go unanswered. Unpunished.

NOW, if one is seeking to escape all of the jibber-jabber spewing forth from the DemonRats and the Deep State Mafia in toto, well, look no further. Mind you, the hard-left in Israel is, as always, on the side of the aforementioned Israel haters. Ignore them akin to the plague. For instance,

Are Foxes Guarding Israel’s Jewish Henhouse?

The Dark Money Trail of Opponents to Israel’s Judicial Reform

MIND you, like their Washington counterparts, they crave power and control, regardless of how many bodies they have to bury. Literally.

AS promised, the cold, hard facts at hand…

ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS | By Robert Harris | April 15, 2024

Robert Harris is a news editor who has worked in television and newspapers in the United States, Asia and the Middle East.

After October 7, we Jews must see the world clearly and as it truly is, or we risk even greater dangers to Israel.

The foreign policy incompetents at the White House and the US State Department have apparently determined that an Israeli victory in Gaza is not in the national interest of the United States.

The leftist Biden White House appears to be carrying out this policy in secret—just as it does many of its far left policies that the American public would oppose.

As a matter of perspective, these policy makers are the same “old-hand” Washington lunatics who said it was in the US national interest to surrender Afghanistan to the Taliban, to support a Moslem Brotherhood government in Egypt, to invite the Russians to return to the Middle East and to repeatedly downgrade relations with long-time US allies Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, while at the same time wooing Islamo-fascist Iran.

Also remember that we have seen, following October 7, that whatever actions Israel takes, the West continues to hate us.

Win the war, don’t win the war……we will remain the evil Jews.

Feed the Palestinian Arabs, don’t feed the Palestinian Arabs…..everything is the Jews’ fault.

After October 7, the enormous changes confronting the Jews might include a new understanding that the world has emerged from its post-Holocaust quiet about the Jews, and now returns to its normal, genetically-embedded hostility and hatred.

And because nothing ever changes, the leaderless Diaspora Jews will again run to hide in the shadows. Don’t expect more from them.

We also need to understand that those who hold power in the West have weaponized every international organization, every Gaza battlefield event, every media outlet and every university, to be used as clubs to beat down Israel.

At this moment, the easiest club to grab is the blaming of Israel for the deaths of seven aid workers in Gaza on April 1. Country after country has piled on top of Israel and the always-hated Benjamin Netanyahu to self righteously beat their breasts about humanity and morality.

While Mr. Biden might not be able to remember what he ate for breakfast, we remember that the American military killed large numbers of civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan, without any worldwide outcry.

Where was the diseased world media when an Iraqi family of nine was killed during a US bombing raid on terrorists in Baghdad in February 2008?

Where were the thousands and thousands of marching barbarians when the US accidentally blew up an Afghani family of ten traveling in a car, killing seven children, in August 2021?

And when you think there could be no greater Western hypocrisy, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s demands of the Jews–demands!– that Israel investigate and punish those Israeli officers involved in the deaths of the Gaza aid workers, though he would not even admit that the Americans had killed the ten Afghani family members following those deaths on his watch.

After being caught in his lies, Austin announced that there would be no investigations or punishments of American officers involved in the Afghan deaths, because in war these things happen and civilians die. No one likes it, but that is the truth.

Meanwhile, British Foreign Minister David Cameron has also criticized the Jews for the Gaza aid workers’ deaths. He further warned the Jews that continued UK support should not be taken for granted.

Let us remember that it was the British whose officers commanded the Jordanian army in 1948 when they expelled every Jew from the Jewish quarter of Jerusalem. It was also British officers who commanded Jordanian soldiers as they burned down 57 synagogues in the Jewish quarter in 1948.

And we will always remember that it was the British who stood down the road, watched and happily did nothing to stop the Arab barbaruans as they massacred 78 Jewish doctors and nurses in a convoy heading to Hadassah Hospital on April 13, 1948.

And lest we forget, just as an errant bomb killed the aid workers in Gaza, the British accidentally bombed a school in Copenhagen on March 21, 1945, killing 87 children and 18 staff.

Following the deaths of the Gaza aid workers, the unbelievably impotent Biden threatened to suspend American aid to Israel. Did the Americans threaten to end their support of the British after the death of the Copenhagen school children?

An important part of the West’s campaign against the Jews is to also use the welfare of the Arabs of Gaza as a club to beat Israel.

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