Iran’s Genocidal Mullahs Trump Trump; Blowhard Netanyahu Too – Encircling Israel & Threatening “The Donald!” How Did This Happen?

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THERE are moments in time when being right is the LAST desired outcome, most especially, when one’s national home is at stake. This is one of those times – Israel, my heart of hearts. 

AS such, many of this site’s readers are familiar with this investigative journalist/jihadi expert’s commentaries, some of which have, over the years, held “Bibi” Netanyahu’s feet to the fire. It is not for nothing. Not only that, it is more than painful to do so. Nevertheless, the mission within has always been to utilize skill-sets which set the record straight – not to be proven right, but to assist, in one way or another, in securing the national interests of Israel and America; the twin pillars of western civilization.

THAT being said, those of us who possess the skills to “see from there to here” understood that Netanyahu’s eight-year tether to HUSSEIN Obama’s leash would lead to an absolute security nightmare, and on every major front. In office since March 2009 (atop his past tenure as PM, 1996-1999), the blow-back from Netanyahu’s spinelessness (as a “serial accommodator” to Israel’s domestic and powerful left, as well as a kow-tower to Washington) is coming to a head. Incontestably, its knock-on effects will explode in unimaginable ways.

IN this regard, it is imperative to highlight prior warning bells, in so far as they couldn’t have been clearer! Indubitably, nothing happens in a geo-political vacuum.

  • For the record, at the onset of this site in 2012, the following “saw from there to here”: PM Netanyahu’s “ceasefire” with Hamas (in Nov. 2012, during “Operation Pillar Defense” aka “Amud Anan”…עַמּוּד עָנָן) guaranteed it would blow up in Israel’s face – sooner than later, as predicted! Mind you, it did, and with a vengeance – in Hamas’s summer-long blitzkrieg war of 2014, despite Netayahu’s bluster: Israel Will Not Negotiate Under Fire! Bullsh-t.

  • Hot on its heels, while the above truth-telling dealt with Israel’s southern (Gaza) border, along came the Iranian front: Where has Netanyahu’s “red line” gone, and Obama’s “promises” too? Again, blow-hards.
  • And, in March 2013, it was hardly unexpected to reportPM Netanyahu has lost control of the lawless northern (Syrian) border, abutting Israel’s Golan – and it demands decision time. Will he step up? So, the fact that it was mandatory (in the beginning of 2013) to sound the alarm re Syria’s knock-on effects – and the strategic disasters have gone from bad to worse – whose doorstep should the fall-out land upon?
  • No sooner did this site’s assessments circle the web, Israel’s quasi officialdom “circle of appeasement” reared its head, suggesting, it would be “best” to hush up. Okey dokey. But never mind, a follow-on in May 2013 became necessary: PM Netanyahu’s continuous Islamic (& leftist) appeasement endangers the national interest. 
  • Even so, could it get any worse? You betcha. In July 2013, it was assessedAl-Qaeda/Al-Nusra is bearing down on three Israeli fronts; PM Netanyahu is dropping the ball, and Obama is AWOL! 
  • Soon thereafter, in August 2013, this site reported: a “do or die moment” is heading into Netanyahu’s scope, as the window to deal with Iran’s genocidal WMD program is reaching critical mass. Did he  – or didn’t he – do what must be done??

TRAGICALLY, we all know his (non) response! Resultant, Iran’s genocidal regime is calling the shots in Jerusalem – believe it or not.Image result for pics of iran's genocidal regime

  •  So, if 1+ 1 still = 2, Syria’s collapse hardly came out of the blue. To wit, isn’t Netanyahu responsible for hitching Israel’s security to HUSSEIN’s so-called “rebels”, most of whom sided with ISIS in their hegemonic struggle with Iran’s (Shia) Hitlerite regime? Instead, wouldn’t it have been statesman-like for the PM to “go it alone”, rather than acting, once again, as a “serial accommodator” to Washington’s dictates? Ipso facto, by failing to take the initiative and acting independently – ensuring that Israel’s Golan border is TOTALLY off-limits to ISIS and Iranian forces – Israel’s strategic situation became graver, each year that the PM failed to act – never mind this and that retaliatory tit-for-tat or pre-preemptive weapons strike. Besides, where are the lessons learned re Hizbullah – the knock-on effects – due to Israel’s genuflection to Washington’s dictates to “cease its fire”, as it fought multiple wars with Lebanon/Hizbullah, always, stopping short of burying the enemy? Indeed, hundreds of thousands of missiles are now pointing straight at the heart of Israel!

WHICH leads us to Trump, another blow-hard in the foreign policy arena (though highly competent in the domestic economic realm), whose smokescreen via the Iranian “certification” process is hardly what it’s purported to be. In reality, his much ballyhooed strategy re Iran’s “compliance” can be compared to having his cake and eating it too. He kept the deal, but refused to  certify compliance. Huh and duh?? Kinda like being half pregnant – either you are or you aren’t.

NOT only that, Trump’s betrayal of the Kurds (aside from Israel, America’s only loyal ally in the belly of the Middle East beast) handed defacto control of Iraqi Kurdistan to Iran and its proxy pawns! Really. By refusing to publicly side with the Kurds and by turning a blind eye, American hardware – coupled with advance training given to Iraq’s Shite, read: Iranian militias forces – creates less than six degrees separation from the killing of scores of Kurds! Of course, Trump is following H.R. McMaster’s Iranian lead. Yes, he is a clear and present danger to American and Israeli security! To be fair, at least Israel’s PM showed some balls by supporting Kurdish independence – a refreshing act of independence.

OMINOUSLY, albeit predictably, DEBKAfile Military Intelligence reported on Oct. 20, 2017:

Hamas’ Saleh Arouri in Tehran. Iran pressed ahead with its plans this week, regardless of the loud scorn and threats poured on Tehran from Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Cairo and Washington.

On Friday, Oct. 20, less than two weeks after Saleh Arouri, Deputy Chief of the Hamas political bureau, approved an Egyptian-sponsored reconciliation agreement between his party and the rival Fatah, he was leading a large Hamas delegation to Tehran.
On Tuesday, Oct. 17, Israel’s security cabinet laid down conditions for its recognition of the Palestinian unity deal, including Hamas’ recognition of Israel, disarmament and the severance of its ties with Iran.
On Thursday, US Middle East Envoy Jason Greenblatt issued a statement in support of Israel’s position.But before taking off for Cairo, Arouri made a point of declaring that Hamas would never recognize Israel, give up “resistance” (terror), disband its armed wing or surrender its weapons.
His briefing to his masters in Tehran on the Palestinian unity talks in Cairo was an apt finish to a week of events which saw Iran, the universally denigrated rogue, going from strength to strength.

  1. The northern Iraqi oil city of Kirkuk was captured with hardly any resistance from Kurdistan by an Iraqi army, led by pro-Iranian Shiite militias and hundreds of Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) thinly disguised in Iraqi military uniforms. Those oil fields were a primary source of Israel’s oil.
  2. The Kurds’ defeat was so devastating that their Peshmerga fighters also withdrew from parts of Ninewa, Salah al Din, Diyala, Mosul and Sinjar.
    The scale of this calamity has not been released to the public in the US or Israel, because what it amounts to is that the IRGC is now in control not just of the major Kirkuk oil center and its oil fields, but also of broad swatches of central, eastern and northern Iraq, as well as its northern border with Syria. Iran now has full, exclusive use of an open corridor across Iraq to Syria.
  3. Although the Russian Defense Minister Gen. Sergey Shoigu was on an official two-day visit to Israel, the first since his appointment five years ago, an event that would normally rate top publicity, it passed without a joint communiqué, or any word on the topics they discussed, their areas of agreement or discord – or even a notice of his departure. Was such deep discord registered in the general’s talks with Israeli leaders, or was Moscow at pains to play the visit down?
  4. On Monday, Oct. 16, a Syrian SA-5 battery 50km east of Damascus fired a ground-to-air missile against Israeli reconnaissance planes over Lebanon. An Israeli air raid then destroyed the battery.
  5. Tuesday, the Iranian Chief of Staff, Maj. Gen. Mohammad Bagheri made an unscheduled trip to Damascus. His three-day visit sent a signal that Tehran stood foursquare behind Damascus.
  6. On Wednesday, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu had a telephone conversation with President Vladimir Putin. The Kremlin announced that they discussed the war in Syria, Iran’s nuclear program and the situation in Kurdistan. In the absence of any changes in Syria or Iraq in the wake of this conversation, it may be assumed that it ended as inconclusively as the Shogu visit.
  7. On Thursday, Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman sat down in Washington with US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and national security adviser Gen. H. R McMaster. Before his departure, he announced that an additional four billion shekels ($1.1billion) should be added to the defense budget for the acquisition of “advanced technology” to meet the mounting Iranian threat. No one elaborated on the nature of this high-cost technology; nor was it mentioned again either in Washington or Jerusalem.
  8. Later Thursday, IDF tanks fired on a Syrian artillery battery near Quneitra after a Syrian shell spilling over from Syrian combat exploded in the northern Golan.

That incident revealed, according to DEBKAfile’s military sources, that the shell came from the Beit Jinn pocket which lies opposite Israel outposts on Mount Hermon. In other words, the Syrian army and its constant ally, Hizballah, have edged into an additional military sector that brings them closer than ever before to the Syrian Israeli border and the northern Golan.

So while Israel’s leaders and military spokesmen declare over and over that the entrenchment of Iran or its proxies near its borders is “unacceptable,” what else are they doing to curb their steady advance? And what use are the defense cabinet’s stipulations for Hamas, when Arouri sits down in Tehran with Iranian officials to plot a third front against Israel from the Gaza Strip?

RESULTANT, without a shadow of a doubt, if the reader chooses to see what’s what and from there to here, they can recognize that DEBKA’s analysis dovetails into this site’s – which has been laid down over the years. Alas, when it comes to derelict leaders – blowhards alike – past IS prologue; one strategic disaster piles atop another!

IT is precisely why this linked interview at Inquisitr – in March 2015, in the run-up to Netanyahu’s bid for another term at the helm – took place: Can Israel Survive As The Jewish State? – An Interview With Adina Kutnicki.

PATRIOTS, is it any wonder that most pics will find Iran’s mullahs grinning like Cheshire cats, all the while Netanyahu & Trump veer back and forth between scowls and more scowls – as if THAT is supposed to make genocidal foes quake. 

AND for those who still believe that “Bibi” and “The Donald” are ruling the Mid East chessboard, well, go back to sleep!! Image result for pics of netanyahu and trump

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