#IranProtests – Iran Controls Social Media, Kills More Protesters

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As the #IranProtests grow larger, the government crackdown against them has killed 12 people. Iran has also clamped down on social media – places such as Telegram and Instagram – in an effort to stop the people from organizing, according to SOFREP. But this may be something far different than previous attempts.

On January 1, a nationwide strike was planned. According to some outlets, a few Iranian soldiers and IRGC have turned in their uniforms and joined the protests. One soldier was pictured peeing on the picture of Khomenei. A picture of Khomenei was also torn down in one city. Protesters (or someone) set fire to a Muslin seminary. Anger is fueling the masses.

The sad fact is that the protesters are not armed. If they were, this would have been over the first day and the Islamic Republic would have been turned back to a Democratic one. Their fight is a fight that many people have tried the world over- such as Venezuela.

Great bravery is being exhibited in Iran – in the face of Security Forces with orders to kill, women and men are standing against vicious tryanny that has been in place since 1979. Will they win?

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This picture of a soldier pissing on a picture of the “supreme leader”, Khamenei is already, in my opinion THE picture of 2018!!!!

Protests in Iran take an anti-Islamic tone as they set fire to a Muslim seminary pic.twitter.com/8Jry5aeo0j

Multiple, rapid shots fired at Iran protests as people run for cover pic.twitter.com/onpDZVFyFo

Transition of #IranProtest from demonstration to demonstration plus wide strike.

Just in: Taking down Khomeini picture in Tehran, Jan. 1

Women are currently risking it all, including their lives, to fight against real oppression in Iran.

Video taken almost 2 hours ago shows people of #Qahderijan (in #Isfahan province) in front of police station trying to release their family members who had been arrested in peaceful protests against the regime. Police and #Basij fired at them killing 9. #IranProtests #FreeIran pic.twitter.com/6Gfi6snyAh

Iranian Revolutionary Guards (the most extreme Military Force Iran has) are shedding their uniforms and joining the #IranProtests pic.twitter.com/ariALquXhu

WARNING????GRAPHIC VIDEO: Moment #Basij snipers opened fired on peaceful #IranianProtesters in #Tuyserkan, #Hamedan KILLING THREE of them yesterday.

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