Iran gloats over Obama’s ’embarrassing fact’

Iran yuks it up. Photo: Screen capture - Youtube.
Iran yuks it up. Photo: Screen capture – Youtube.

Activist Pamela Geller has just posted a translated segment from Mostanad television of Tehran, Iran. And what a segment it is.

Going by the full name of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Documentary Channel, Mostanad is one of Iran’s state channels that’s ran and managed by the Islamic Republic’s official governmental broadcasting organization.

Needless to say, nothing hits the airwaves until the mullahs give the official thumbs up. From the reading of the translation, it’s fairly obvious the honchos in Tehran have happily approved their propagandists at Mostanad to rub America’s nose in it.

A few key points the state-run television station emphasized:

  • Through Jimmy Carter’s incompetence, his efforts to free the American hostages held by Iran in the closing months of his presidency were too late to save his legacy. Or as the Iranians state it, “But it’s too late and the Iranians have humiliated the U.S. president.”
  • Mostanad also made a point citing that Barack Obama “doesn’t want the detail of what occurred in January 16, 2016, to be revealed to the media.” It was on that particular date that Obama lifted the economic sanctions against Iran as well as an agreement on a prisoner swap.
  • While the Iranians stress that the additional $400 million in cash flown into Tehran was no American ransom payment, they made it abundantly clear that they were quite happy to emphasize how they made Obama sit up and beg at every turn.


Looking at this from both the American and the Iranian perspective, it’s apparent that whenever the mullahs and Revolutionary Guards generals barked at Obama to jump, he only asked two questions:

  1. How high?
  2. When can I come down?
In all fairness, the translation is provided by a group known as AMCTrump.org. As they clearly state on their site:

“As representatives of United States citizens from Syrian, Lebanese, Egyptian, Iraqi, Arab, Assyrian, Syriac, Yazidi, Sudanese, Berber, Iranian, and other communities from the Greater Middle East, we see Mr. Trump as our favorite candidate in the primaries.”

Furthermore, AMCTrump.com also states:

AMCTrump stands with Donald J. Trump because of the following reasons:

(1) His opposition to the destructive Iran Deal signed by the Obama administration with the Ayatollah regime in Tehran; (2) His firm opposition to the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist influence in the United States; (3) His determination to destroy ISIS and push back against all terror groups such as Hamas, Hezbollah and all other Jihadi terror groups; (4) His willingness to take action in defense of the persecuted Christians and Yazidis in the Middle East; (5) His determination to help in the creation of free zones inside Syria and Iraq to resettle the refugees; (6) His support for the formation of an Arab coalition against terrorists; (7) His vision to help the Middle East become stable and prosper. Based on these seven principles, we extend our support to Donald J. Trump to become the Republican nominee and later be elected as the President of the United States. We call on all our friends who are members of the Republican Party and all citizens who can vote in the Republican primaries to select Donald J. Trump as their choice. It is important to give Mr. Trump a clear, early and decisive victory in the primaries so that he becomes a strong nominee able to begin engaging in the national election and then be elected as President on November 8, 2016. We are calling on millions of Americans from Mideast background to join us in supporting Mr. Trump.


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