Iran and ‘Fast & Furious’…tied together in lies and deceit by our ever-loving media

You know things are bad…real bad…when even Iran calls Barack HUSSEIN Obama out as the liar that we all know him to be.

Late Thursday night Iran quit and walked out of the ongoing nuclear disarmament talks on enforcement mechanisms currently ongoing with the P5+1 in Geneva. Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator, Abbas Araqchi, claimed Washington agreed that NO further or new sanctions would be placed against Iran for six months, and that Obama is now “going against the spirit of the landmark agreement reached last month by expanding its sanctions blacklist…and Tehran was weighing the ‘appropriate response.’”

And Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said that any new sanctions would most assuredly kill the agreed to comprehensive deal.

Washington countered this by saying the black listings were carried out within the “framework of the existing sanctions“…the very same sanctions that brought Tehran to the negotiating table and thus did NOT constitute new measures. Continuing with their bloviations, Washington tried justifying their blacklisting of a dozen additional foreign firms and individuals (for helping Tehran evade the international oil sanctions currently in place) by saying it was done to “head off Congress” from imposing additional sanctions that would be in clear breach of the Geneva agreement.

Now let these words sink in…words directly from the Obama administration…words directly from Obama’s mouth…“to head off Congress.” This most miserable of presidents and his equally miserable administration are now outwardly working against the United States Congress to stop them from doing what they know needs to be done…as in impose even tougher and more sanctions against the very country that calls America ‘The Great Satan’ and wants Israel wiped off the map.

And true to form our spineless, gutless wonders in Congress agreed late Thursday night NOT to vote on any new sanctions this year…and I bet they won’t vote on any come the New Year either.

So here we have Obama continuing to lie to ‘We the People’ about any and every thing…we have Obama now lying to the enemy…and we have Obama getting Congress to back down on doing what they know must be done…ain’t Obamaland such a happy place (sarcastically said with a deep sigh).

And coming right on the heels of this Iran nonsense is the fact that today marks three years since the murder of Brian Terry, the Border Patrol agent who was killed in a firefight on the Arizona-Mexico border in December 2010…killed in what has become forever known as the ‘Fast and Furious’ gun running scandal yet NOT a word about that from Obama, AG Eric Holder, or the rest of his merry band of miscreants.

To date NOT one single person has been fired over ‘Fast and Furious’ let alone even been called to task…shades of Benghazi isn’t it. In fact, last month a federal court threw out a case brought by Brian Terry’s family against the government saying that money already awarded to the family precludes this sort of case from proceeding.

Saying the rule of law is that if the victim’s surviving family members received compensation from another government statute…in this case money Congress gives to families of federal law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty…they cannot sue the government for more. The ruling also stated that federal worker’s comp law prohibits an award in this case.

Translation…as per this administration’s warped vindictive logic, because the Terry family have been awarded the death benefits they were legally and rightfully entitled to receive, they cannot now or ever sue the government for Brian’s wrongful death. Basically saying your son’s life was worth what we oh so generously give you and NOTHING more reeks of the now normal practice of NEVER dare go up against the Obama administration…period. NEVER mind that the Obama administration was ILLEGALLY running guns to Mexican drugs cartels…NEVER mind that Obama and Holder orchestrated the operation, armed the drug runners, and then orchestrated its subsequent cover-up with lie upon lie (including Holder’s lying under oath to Congress) when the operation went sour…NEVER mind any of that for Barack HUSSEIN Obama and those who orbit around him believe they are indeed untouchable.

And the ‘in-the-pocket-of-Obama’ main stream media helps them along every step of the way…helps Obama and his minions cover-up all the scandals that shadow this administration for the media has forgotten how to factually and without bias report the news. Instead they have chosen to decide what is and what isn’t news…what should be and what shouldn’t be reported…and if they deem something newsworthy for how long it should or shouldn’t be reported on.

Today’s media is as much a cause of the problems in this country today as it is the problem in this country today. The media created the myth that is Barack HUSSEIN Obama choosing to ignore the facts about the man behind their created myth, and this directly resulted in rogue nations like Iran telling the US what they will or will NOT do…resulted in the cover-ups and lies spewed in the cases of Benghazi and ‘Fast and Furious’…and God only knows what else they’re covering-up for the worst president in US history.

Sorry Jimmy Carter but you’ve now been bumped down to number two.


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