Intellihub: Radical left wants to put all Christians in jail

Dublin-Kilmainham-Jail-Hall-1Ran across a post over at Intellihub today that caught my eye.  The premise is simple: The Kim Davis affair proves that liberals want Christians put in jail while letting real criminals go free.

I’d go a step further, based on what I’ve seen.  Given that I’ve documented hundreds of incidents where leftists have advocated murder and in some cases, genocide, I’m of the opinion that they would rather implement something more on the lines of a “final solution.”  But that’s just me.  Keep in mind as you read this that leftists have advocated raping and murdering Davis.

The article says:

While one can debate the merits of gay marriage ad nauseam (there is a legitimate libertarian belief that government should not be in the business of outlawing anything that involves nonviolent interaction between consenting adults) the fact that Davis has been arrested while Wall Street criminals and corrupt organizations like Planned Parenthood operate freely is a clear indicator of how far gone America actually is.

The article also discusses the blatant bias in the left-wing media, something else I have written about extensively.  From my perspective, this is a direct result of the rampant Christophobia of the left, something I touched on here back in June.

Intellihub adds:

Immediately following the news that Davis would be jailed for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses, the vast majority of liberal media talking heads and activists cheered the arrest while gleefully letting the world know that they support the arrest of any Christian who doesn’t allow themselves to be forced into acts of support for homosexuality.

A small sample of “news articles” from hard left clickbait rag and outrage porn specialist makes this shocking fact transparently obvious. A post by Scott Eric Kaufman, a writer many know for his deep-seated hard left views and outright hate for anyone who disagrees with them, literally mocks those who reacted with shock on Twitter after the arrest of Davis.

These days, this is to be expected.  Consider, for example, Dan Savage, the gay sex columnist who once told Bill Maher he wished all Republicans were “f*****g dead.” (Video of that can be seen here.)  Savage used the Davis controversy to bash Christianity in his usual profane style, inserting as many f-bombs as possible.

Intellihub continued:

A second article on the same site attacks Mike Huckabee for noting that Kim Davis has been arrested but actual criminals such as Hillary “nothing was classified” Clinton remain completely free. Apparently the hard left also believes bringing up actual facts is now “mind-bogglingly stupid.”

“As you can see, the writer of this nonsense also appears to be fully on board with arresting any Christian who might run into an issue with their religious beliefs and the sanctioning or supporting of what they believe to be a sin,” Intellihub said. “The childlike manner in which the writer mocks those she doesn’t agree with also paints a picture of tens of thousands of hard left crazies literally cheering the arrest of Davis. No doubt about it, they are totally and completely happy about the arrest.”

The article continues:

Moving forward one has to wonder what is next on the open and now public War on Christianity? What new law will be quickly put into place that obviously goes against Christian beliefs which will then allow the hard left to use the power of the law to arrest more Christians?

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These are valid questions, and they need to be addressed.  Quickly, before things escalate even further out of control.

“How far will America allow this to go before they declare enough is enough?” the article asks.  How far, indeed.  Personally, I think we’re just seeing the beginning of what could end up becoming a “reign of terror” against Christians if things don’t change.

You can read the whole thing here.


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