Inside Hillary’s Basket of Deplorables: Educated Hispanic Female for Trump

Hillary Clinton basket of deplorables
Hillary Clinton – Gage Skidmore via Flickr, labeled for reuse

Didi M. Cordero-Torres, who we will refer to throughout as Didi, is a 45 year old mother of an autistic daughter. Didi is college-educated and is previously from New York. Her personal experiences over the years directly impacted her choice to support Trump in this election cycle and she is hopeful that he truly will bring jobs back to our country and clear out the corruption in Washington.

Didi talks about how for years she worked union jobs in New York, Delaware, and never really looked too hard into politics. She says, “You just vote the way the union tells you to and that’s it really, I never looked into anything beyond that.” After being in a fairly bad accident that disabled her for several years, she went through some personal experiences that started “lifting the veil,” as she puts it. She lived with her daughter in a homeless shelter in New York for a brief period after the accident and she saw first-hand the way things were reported, and handled, versus the reality of what actually happened. This started to make her question the people in power, politically, and in the bureaucracies. When she returned to work things had changed. She no longer voted the way the union told her to, but investigated the candidates and issues for herself.

She started off as a Cruz supporter this election cycle, but ultimately supported Trump. She says she would think to herself throughout the election year, “Damn it! Stop making me defend Trump, I don’t even like him that much.” Mostly due to the amount of misinformation circulating on social media and in the main stream media. “It wasn’t so much about Trump as an individual,” she says, “I just corrected people when they were operating on false information, I had several friends on Facebook break up with me for that. I wasn’t in support of Trump at that point, I just thought that it was crazy that people were willing to not only believe the craziest things but share them and perpetuate it when there was evidence to disprove it already or nothing to support it.”

Hillary’s treatment of the women that came forward about her husband over the years really bothered Didi. She disclosed that she is a sexual assault survivor, and that the more the media and Hillary’s camp tried to come up with stories about Donald Trump assaulting women the more it raised a red flag for her. It seemed like they were just trying to distract from Bill Clinton’s track record and behavior. Donald Trump had been in the media spotlight in one form or another for thirty years and had never had an allegation, never a charge, never a victim, so it just seemed strange that all of the sudden these accusers were coming out of the wood work with no proof. Bill Clinton’s track record and victims over the years are consistent and so is Hillary’s treatment of those women and her efforts to silence them.

Didi had family members that were first respondents during the tragedy on 9/11 and she strongly supports Donald Trump’s plan to screen, and even stop, immigration from countries that follow Sharia law. “It has nothing to do with hatred of Muslims, I have family that are Muslim, “she says, “it’s about common sense and protecting our citizens. If the people blowing up buildings, shooting people and cutting off people’s heads were blonde haired and blued eyed I would say hey we need to screen blonde-haired blue-eyed people, but they’re not, this is just the way it is.”

Didi truly does support Trump, now, she expresses hope for his economic policies and immigration policies to help improve the economy and the safety of our nation. All people want is the ability to work, thrive and make their own way in this world. She thinks that all of those that cast their votes for Trump can be described this way, “We could not be bought, we wanted to be able to work hard and earn hard.” All of those, in her opinion, that cast their votes for Trump on election day didn’t want handouts, didn’t want anything given to them for free, they wanted the opportunities back in this country to provide and thrive based on their own efforts in life. They want the “American Dream” back.


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Banned: How Facebook enables militant Islamic jihad
Banned: How Facebook enables militant Islamic jihad – Source: Author (used with permission)

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