Insane: Liberal on Twitter declares Hurricane Matthew racist

Stupid liberal on Twitter says Hurricane Matthew is racist
Hurricane Matthew from space — YouTube

The sheer, utter stupidity of the left continues to march.  On Thursday, a liberal who says she writes about “environmental racism” declared Hurricane Matthew racist because of the number of Haitians killed by the storm.


Naturally, she got her clock cleaned on Twitter:

What does Hurricane Matthew have to do with Black Lives Matter?

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Bogado, Zach Montanaro said at MRC TV, is “a leftist activist who formerly contributed to The Nation and an author for Gist…”

Montanaro added:

Apparently, since a natural disaster decided by its own non-existing free will to make landfall in Haiti, the storm itself is racist. Maybe there should have been trigger warnings installed on the island, too.

And safe spaces…

Maybe Bogado would feel better if an equal number of whites and Latinos were killed by the storm.  Then she can proudly proclaim Hurricane Matthew an equal opportunity killer.

Granted, it takes a very special kind of stupid to fall for this idiocy, but some did.

How about “witless?”  That seems a bit more appropriate…

Our response?  You guessed it:

More stupidity from liberals on Orlando. Now they want to ban white Americans from America.Related:


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