Indictment of Manafort a Ploy to Get Him to Flip on….Podesta?

Rush Limbaugh hit on an interesting theory on his Monday broadcast.  Everyone has been expecting charges against Manafort in order to get him to flip on President Trump.  But there is nothing in these indictments that even mentions the president.  These are transactions that took place a decade ago and have nothing to do with Trump or any of his campaign workers.

So, if the plan is not to get him to flip on Trump, why did he overcharge and use unconstitutional methods against Manafort?  There could be a reason.  What if Mueller wants Manafort to flip on Podesta?  After all, counts 11 and 12 concern not registering as an agent for a foreign country, the very same thing the Podesta Group did.

John Podesta was in bed with Putin in an energy company named Joule.  That company went under after Hillary lost the election.  Putin sank $35 million into the operation and Podesta received 75,000 shares of Joule stock.  Manafort and Podesta worked arm in arm with the Russians.  The Podesta Group pocketed millions of dollars working as an agent of a foreign country and didn’t registered as such until about the same time Manafort added his.

From Rush Limbaugh

RUSH: Well, look here. Tony Podesta has quit his firm, ladies and gentlemen. He’s the brother of the skeletal and emaciated John Podesta, who was the butt boy for Obama and was chief of staff and all that kind of stuff. “Tony Podesta, founder of The Podesta Group, is stepping down from the firm that bears his name after coming under investigation by Mueller.” (Gasp!)

 He steps down after Manafort is indicted (Gasp!) and it’s said that Manafort is indicted because Mueller wants him to flip on somebody. (Gasp!) What if it’s Podesta and not Trump (Gasp!) as I posited 35 minutes ago? (Gasp!) Can you imagine, at CNN, if this actually is the case? What’s gonna happen?


RUSH: A quick question and then want to get back to the phones — well, get back; we haven’t gone yet. Start on the phones in just a second.
Quick question: What would you think of the observation that Paul Manafort has been indicted — i.e., being punished — for taking millions of dollars from Vladimir Putin without giving him uranium in exchange? The Clintons took millions of dollars. They got millions of dollars. Bill got a $500,000 speech fee. The Clinton campaign — are you aware of how many millions of dollars the Clinton Foundation got in this uranium deal? It’s tens of millions of dollars. They got money. They gave up uranium. They haven’t been indicted. But Manafort has been.

But the question becomes, why is Mueller so intent on prosecuting Manafort and Podesta and why at this time?  There could be a wide variety of reasons.  What if he wanted to extend this investigation deep into the 2018 election cycle?

He can do it but he is under heat now to resign for his many conflicts of interest, including how he covered up the investigation into bribery committed by Russia to advance the sale of 20 percent of our uranium supply.  Getting some early convictions would be a good way to give himself some breathing space and the Podesta Group leans heavily to the left, so it would give the appearance that he is being evenhanded when the truth is without the Clintons, the Podestas have no juice, so throwing them under the bus won’t hurt.

It could be that he is just trying to get some convictions to justify the costs of his investigations.  The most likely scenario is that Mueller knew he couldn’t bring some of those charges against Manafort without charging the Podesta Group.  And he figures that’s safe because Democrats won’t squawk because they want to be rid of anything Clinton, too.

Besides, by now he has to realize there is no evidence of Trump colluding with Russia.


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