Indiana GOP leader allegedly receives threat after criticizing Trump

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trump-hydeOn Sunday, Tom John, chairman of the Indiana GOP’s 7th Congressional District organization, said on Twitter that he received a threatening email after telling Politico that Donald Trump “doesn’t represent what I want my party to represent.”

John said that he and at least three other individuals he knows received the following email:

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Especially given statements made by Trump surrogate Roger Stone.

As we reported earlier, Stone called for protests and said Trump supporters would be given information like hotel room numbers so protesters, er, supporters can go talk to them.


It definitely needs to stop.

One person suggested:

Trump, Politico reported, isn’t exactly loved by the Indiana GOP:

“One of my criteria for filtering out folks was whether or not they support Donald Trump,” said one district GOP leader. “I didn’t care whether they supported Ted Cruz or John Kasich.”

Several delegate candidates said they’re even likely to support an effort to draft their former governor, Mitch Daniels, as an alternative candidate before giving Trump a look.

But that doesn’t mean there’s no support for Trump.  Still, it looks like he’s going to have a hard time getting delegates:

John, the 7th District chairman, said pro-Trump forces attempted to mobilize grass-roots delegate candidates with an email blast encouraging supporters to run. Though he said it resulted in a “handful of people who were sort of unknown to the local party” filing papers, John said none were added to the party’s slate. Instead, the local party recommended district Vice Chair Jennifer Ping, Indianapolis businessman and state Senate candidate Jefferson Shreve, and 34-year state Sen. Pat Miller.

Contacted by POLITICO, a terse Miller agreed that she was not in the Trump camp and had an abrupt response when asked who she’d back instead.

“I’m supporting Tom Selleck,” she said and quickly hung up.


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