Indian Muslim clerics issue fatwa against teen singer, stop singing anti-ISIS songs or ‘face the consequences’

Indian pop singer threatened with fatwa. (Twitter)
Indian pop singer threatened with fatwa. (Twitter)

Forty six Muslim clerics and organizations in the Northwest of India have declared a fatwa (religious edict) against 16-year old singer Nahid Afrin for performing “anti-ISIS” songs during her public concerts.

As reported by The Daily Mail of London, as well as India’s Hindustan Times and IndiaTVNews.com, Nahid Afrin has gained in national popularity since she was proclaimed the runner-up in the 2015 edition of musical reality TV show Indian Idol Junior.

Indian Muslim clerics threaten teen singer. (Twitter)
Stop performances or “face the consequences.” (Twitter)

Although a Muslim herself, the pretty teen-ager has founder herself at the receiving end of a fatwa ordering her to immediately cease her “anti-Sharia” public concerts.

As reported by IndiaTVNews.com, Afrin had recently performed songs “targeting terrorism, including dreaded terror group Islamic State.”

The same source also cited that the same 46 fatwa signatories threatened the singer to stop singing “or be ready to face consequences.”

Furthermore, The Daily Mail notes;

Around 46 Muslim clerics from the northeastern Indian state of Assam served the religious ruling against Nahid Afrin, 16, who came second in the Bollywood-style reality show in 2015.

The high school student is said to have performed the songs in Arabic, with locals claiming that clerics were displeased with the ‘anti-ISIS’ lyrics.

The fatwa leaflet was distributed in the Hojai and Nagaon districts yesterday, telling her not to sing in public.

Teen singer Nahid Afrin of Indian Idol fame. (Twitter)
Teen singer Nahid Afrin of Indian Idol fame. (Twitter)

Part of it read: ‘If anti-Sharia acts like musical nights are held on grounds surrounded by masjids [mosques], idgahs [places of public prayer], madrassas and graveyards, our future generations will attract the wrath of Allah,’ according to IBT Times UK.

Not quite ending there, the Hindustan Times reported that the leaflet also stated;

“Magic, dance, drama, theatre, etc are against Sharia laws. Events like musical shows are against Sharia, law and future generations will be corrupted by it.”

The Times went on to cite that the chief minister of Afrin’s home state, himself a Hindu, immediately jumped to her defense;

Assam chief minister Sarbanand Sonowal condemned the ‘fatwa’ and directed police to provide security to the singer.

Sonowal had a telephonic conversation with Nahid and assured her of all steps to ensure her security so that she can continue pursuing her vocation and bring laurels to the state.

In a statement, Sonowal said, “Such a ruling against practising art and culture is unacceptable and is tantamount to infringement of one’s freedom of cultural rights. Such a move cannot be tolerated in a civilised society”.

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